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For Students

Lāsma Ķite recently graduated from the Clinical Pharmacy Master's study programme at the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Faculty of Pharmacy in winter 2019. She won the award of Master’s Student of the Year for her outstanding academic achievements and her active involvement in research. 

Lāsma is also involved in the activities of the Latvian Pharmaceutical Students’ Association, has defended her Master's thesis and passed the state examination with distinction.

This year two students were nominated for the RSU Master's Student of the Year Award.


From the right: Lāsma Ķite on 6 April 2019 at the Riga Latvian Society House after receiving her award for Master’s Student of the Year from Vice-rector for Studies Professor Tatjana Koķe.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I love constantly being in motion. I need a break from time to time, of course, but I just seem unable to remain in one place for a long time. I am always trying to learn something new, something that would contribute to my personal growth.

What are the three most important things you have achieved so far?

I have studied Pharmacy and the education I have received is actually really multi-faceted, it is in demand on the labour market and also very interesting.
One of the most important events of my life has been to start my own family. My family supports me a lot in my aspirations to achieve my (our) goals and dreams.

Another important thing was learning to become independent and to behave in a responsible way both to myself and to society.

Studying at RSU was very interesting. For that I must thank my lecturers who always knew what was going on, and my dear group mates who were very united and kept up a positive attitude even in difficult situations. Preparing notes together with my group helped me develop my management and communication skills. The opportunity to participate in various events, associations and interest groups made studying at RSU much more interesting. We organised musical events for our lecturers a couple of times to thank them for our great cooperation. 


From the left: Lāsma Ķite with her sister Laima Mukāne during RSU Research Week in April 2019.

Which teachers have had an influence on your life?

My parents and grandparents have undoubtedly been the greatest and most important teachers in my life. They helped me establish my roots. Regardless of rough circumstances that sometimes uproot our lives, a tree with strong roots will definitely still flourish and bear fruit.

I also learn a lot from my husband on a daily basis. We supplement each other with our knowledge and are able to view each other's work critically.

Inga Urtāne, who is the Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, has played an important role in my life too. She has been able to motivate me and keep me from giving up during more difficult periods of my life. Inga has not only done it with her words, but her creativity and persistence are themselves inspirational to me.

Do you have any life values or cornerstones that you would like to share?

I believe the saying ‘you reap what you sow’.

What needs to be done to make the world a better place?

People should be less greedy and selfish. One should work not only for oneself, but also for society and the environment. A lecturer once told me that ‘if you want to do a job faster than others, work alone, but, if you wish to do important and good quality work do it as a part of a team even if it means that you will possibly reach your goals slower.’

Where do you see yourself in the development of Latvia?

As long as I keep up my personal growth and continue to learn and share my experience and ideas I provide a chance for my country to develop too, because Latvia is our nation.