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Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Medical Education Technology Centre (METC) will showcase its capacity over the course of 12 weeks by organising a variety of simulation-related activities. The series of events will conclude with an anniversary celebration in December.


RSU has invested significant resources into the development of the METC for the past 10 years, creating an excellent team of professionals and a state-of-the-art environment for clinical skills simulation in education. The METC is a place where medical and healthcare professionals can work on their theoretical knowledge, polish their clinical skills, and expand their competence in a safe simulated environment founded in international best practices.

The series of events includes simulation and educational events for undergraduate and residency students, professional development programmes for healthcare professionals, and events for different groups of society.


From 18 to 22 September the METC will participate in International Healthcare Simulation Week 2023 for the fourth year in a row with the slogan “Be the champion of your success story!” The event will feature a variety of simulation activities for students, RSU staff members, and healthcare professionals to experience the opportunities that simulation offers.

In the upcoming weeks, several new simulation rooms will be opened at the METC. Additionally, anyone will be able to try out simulations to reinforce their knowledge and skills in providing first aid in different situations at this year's Researchers' Night on 29 September.