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The museum of Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) is the first in Latvia to be established by an institution of higher education and receive national accreditation for the maximum term of 5 years. The decision was made by the Latvian Museum Council in accordance with the resolution of the Accreditation Board on initial accreditation of RSU Museum. The accreditation period is from 9 November 2015 until 8 November 2020.


Opening of permanent exhibition of RSU museum at 16 Dzirciema iela.

The RSU Museum has already become widely recognised by the public thanks to the creative and educational exhibitions, as well as a permanent interactive exhibition with Anna Heinrihsone as its designer and artist. The RSU Museum hosted exhibitions dedicated to various topics, such as Stradins’ family, rectors of the institution, an anthropological analysis of Latvia’s society and the display of various materials from the history of the institution, among them, unauthorised aids that students used for cheating during the exam etc.

RSU Museum is a regular participant of the Night of Museums, Researchers’ Night as well as other activities.


RSU Museum manager Daiga Dupate (in foreground, with back to the camera)

leads an excursion for participants of Museum Night.

RSU Museum commenced the initial accreditation process in 2015. By accrediting the museum it is recognised by the state that the museum operates according to the operation requirements stipulated by the state and is capable of preserving cultural heritage and ensure its further development.

RSU Museum was established on 4 September 2001 by resolution of the RSU Senate. The museum is educational and a structural research unit of Rīga Stradiņš University (previously – Rīga Medical Institute (RMI), Medical Academy of Latvia (MAL)) that documents and preserves cultural heritage for next the generations, as well as makes the collection available for public viewing.