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On Wednesday, 29 November, the 6th Health Day was held – with a huge response from staff and students at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU). During the event, participants had an opportunity to donate blood and undergo simple health check-ups, performed by prospective physicians – members of students’ scientific interest groups.

The total amount of blood donated by RSU staff and students – 27 litres. This amount can help 180 persons, as one donation can help save three lives. In total, 60 people donated blood, 26 of them were first-time blood donors that is of great importance in terms of continuity of the donor movement.

Within the frame of Health Day, medical students performed various health check-ups in the lobby of the RSU main building for anyone who was interested. Members of the ophthalmology scientific interest group tested the vision and eye pressure of around 100 people, which is especially important for early glaucoma diagnosis. Whereas members of the Latvian Medical Students’ Association measured blood pressure, detected body mass index, risk factors for diabetes and blood sugar level, and several “patients” at high risk of diabetes were singled out.

Health Day also served as an encouragement for those students who haven’t managed to give blood – to visit the State Blood Donor Centre located nearby at 9 Sēlpils iela and donate blood there.

RSU Health Day is held twice a year – in spring and autumn – with an aim to encourage students and employees to take care of their and other peoples’ health. The next RSU Health Day is scheduled for spring 2019.

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