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For many years, the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) mixed choir Rīga, has addressed new singers with the slogan 'Don't sing in the shower - join the choir!' Today, as the singers cannot meet in person for rehearsals, they encourage everyone to sing wherever they are, even in the shower, by posting a video of its members singing at home, at work or outdoors.

Each singer sings, hums, recites or whispers lines from their favourite song from the repertoire and finally everyone joins in, singing the song "Rīga, mana Rīga, tevi mīlu es!"

‘For now, we will be singing in the shower, kitchen, at work, or in our cars, but we can’t wait to feel the power of the unified sound of the choir again,’ explain the choir’s conductors Evita Taranda and Zane Zilberte.

Video edited by member of the choir, Arnis Liepiņš.