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Artificial spiderweb silk, trauma simulators, gene editing, the importance of prototypes, nuances related to protecting intellectual property, and the necessary skills to turn fantastic scientific discoveries into profitable businesses - these are just some of the topics that will be discussed on 3-4 April at the Deep Tech Atelier international technology conference. The conference will bring together scientists, business consultants, new entrepreneurs and people who are interested in science-based technologies from Latvia and all around the world.

Deep Tech Atelier:  a centre for deep tech in northern Europe

Over the course of two days Hanzas Perons in Riga will become a place where people will be able to see the most brilliant new technology companies and set up a unique technology company of their own. The conference will bring together ambitious new entrepreneurs, scientific innovators and investors so as to present Latvia as a convincing centre for deep tech in northern Europe. The conference programme this year has a focus on medical and space technologies.

For the third year in a row the conference is organised by the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA). Last year the conference brought together over 600 delegates from 25 countries. More than 80 business meetings took place and eight new, science-based technology companies were established at the Commercialisation Reactor Ignition event.

‘Lots of countries have specialised in technologies, so Latvia must look for something that is different and facilitate the development of technology-based companies so as to create fertile ground for the emergence of new companies in various economic sectors,’ says LIAA Director Kaspars Rožkalns. ‘This conference offers an excellent opportunity to see how new companies with enormous potential can become true success stories. Examples include LightSpace Technologies, ALINA, Vortex Oil Engineering, Conelum, Exonicus, Cenos and others which have attracted millions of euros in investments for ideas that have come from Latvia, thus opening up new horizons in the sector. We very much hope that young and talented people will take part in this year's conference.’

The conference program will include presentations by scientists, visionaries and consultants

Conference events will be held simultaneously in several meeting rooms. There will be a competition for and exhibition of new companies during both days, as well as the 15th Ignition Event aimed at establishing new scientific and technological companies. Current and new entrepreneurs will have a great opportunity to establish new start-ups with the help of creators of pre-selected technologies. There will also be a Space Tech session on both days with presentations, discussions and networking related to space technologies. Representatives of various companies from this sector will take part.

The conference’s keynote will be delivered by space visionary and SpaceFund founder Rick Tumlinson, who will prepare his audience for the era of commercial space flights to the Moon or even to Mars ("The Space Revolution: A History and Manifesto"). Another speaker will be professional orator, businessman, investor and activist Igor Beuker, who will share his radical forecasts regarding exponential technologies that influence business, economies and societies ("Acceleration in the Era of Chaos and Change").

Karina Sotnika was born in Latvia and has worked in Silicon Valley for many years. She spends her days in attracting international companies and developing local businesses in international markets. Sotnika will talk about how to turn a dazzling idea into a successful business ("Fostering Academic Innovation: From a Brilliant Idea to a Successful Company"). She will also talk about the importance of validating ideas in business ("Pretotyping: How to Make Sure You are Building the Right It Before You Build it Right").

Participation is free if you register via the website above.
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