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For Students
For RSU Employees

As every year, the incidence of viral upper respiratory tract infections, including flu and Covid-19, is increasing this autumn. Prevention and vaccination play an important role in limiting the spread of infectious diseases.

Take precautions both at home and at work, such as hand hygiene – wash or disinfect your hands regularly, do not touch your face with dirty hands, ventilate your home several times a day by opening windows wide, avoid contact with other people and public places if you experience any symptoms of respiratory infection – sore throat, slight cough, heightened temperature, even if your symptoms are mild. For more information on prevention, visit the website of the Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC).

If you test positive for Covid-19

  1. Isolate while you have symptoms of acute upper respiratory tract infection + 3 days
  2. If symptoms of acute upper respiratory tract infection persist for more than 7 days, the additional 3 days do not apply
  3. If you do not experience upper respiratory tract symptoms and test positive for Covid-19 – isolate for 3 days (starting from the day after your positive result).

What to do if you are a contact person for someone who tests positive for Covid-19?

For 7 days after your last contact with a person infected with Covid-19:

  • It is advisable to stay at home and avoid contact with other people;
  • Talk to your employer about the possibility of working remotely;
  • If you are working on-site, use a mask that has a minimum protection level of FFP2 when visiting public places or being in a room with more than one person;
  • Monitor your health and contact your doctor if you develop symptoms associated with Covid-19.

Precautions for contact persons

  • Monitor your health and contact your doctor if you develop symptoms associated with Covid-19;
  • Wash or disinfect your hands regularly;
  • Ventilate rooms as frequently as possible;
  • If you experience symptoms of Covid-19, stay at home and do not go to the university.

Seasonal vaccination against influenza and Covid-19 infection is currently actively taking place in Latvia. RSU staff and students are invited to get vaccinated against influenza and Covid-19 at the RSU Health Centre. The RSU staff health insurance covers the flu vaccine and the Covid-19 vaccine is free. The Comirnaty vaccine (PfizerBioNTech) is currently available nationwide. The flu vaccine and Covid-19 can be given at the same time.

Sign up for a vaccination at the RSU Health Centre via e-mail: rsuambulanceatrsu[pnkts]lv

Please note that you can also get the flu and Covid-19 vaccines at GP practices and vaccination centres.

Read more about the epidemiological situation in the country (in Latvian)