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Although this year has passed in the shadow of COVID-19, life has continued in all areas and industries – writers have published new books, artists have written songs and created works of art, athletes have trained and participated in competitions, researchers have worked hard in laboratories conducting research and making significant discoveries.

RSU lecturers and students have expressed their opinion on which event, achievement or discovery has been the most significant this year at RSU.


RSU Research Week. A lot of teamwork, high quality and excellent organisation, modern technologies and solutions, scientifically sound results, presentations, discussions, interesting guest lectures, new cooperation opportunities, experience exchange, unforgettable meetings with conference participants, local and international experts.

Assoc. Prof. Dzintra Kažoka, Department of Morphology


I am glad that RSU entered the Times Higher Education (THE) 2022 ranking and was ranked among the top 501-600 universities in the world. Participation in THE and QS rankings for several years affirms that RSU complies with international education quality standards.

Māris Ginters, Head of the International Admissions Office


In my opinion, it was the B-Space Business Incubator's Demo Day. This was our incubator's first "graduation". It proves that we as a university are moving towards smart innovation and business development.

Kristaps Zaļais, lecturer at the Department of International Business and Economics, Head of the study programme Start-up Entrepreneurship, mentor at the Technology Transfer Office


The Anatomy Museum. We feel it is a very successful project! It puts a great face to the university.

The RSU International Student Association (ISA) 2021 Board


Coming in 115th in the Times Higher Education Emerging Economies Ranking 2022. We have worked on this for years and it has now resulted in RSU receiving the best evaluation among Latvian higher education institutions. 

Zane Vitenberga-Verza, Assistant Professor at the Department of Morphology, Leading researcher and Head of the Laboratory of Morphology