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A student's life at RSU begins in the University's main building with the matriculation ceremony in the Great Hall. It continues with lectures in the auditoriums, classes in laboratories and media rooms, and ends with the graduation day ceremony.

Construction of the building commenced on 17 December, 1981, when a time capsule was set in the foundations of the new building. Construction was completed on 30 September, 1987, when it was officially inaugurated by the Rector of Riga Medical Institute (as RSU was then called), Prof. Vladislavs Korzāns. The total area of the building was then 16,000m2 and it housed more than 1,000 rooms - lecture rooms, laboratories, the rectorate, and other administrative structural units, a library, and a public canteen. Over the years, the central building has undergone many changes. Among the most significant changes are the opening of the RSU Great Hall in 2008 and the renovation of Building A in 2012.


total area, m2


seats in the RSU Great Hall




languages are spoken in the corridors of RSU