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The Council of Science is a collegial body of Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) that operates on a permanent basis. The council resolves and coordinates matters related to scientific activity within its scope of competence.

The functions and tasks of the Council of Science are prescribed by the RSU Council of Science regulations (approved at a meeting of the RSU Senate on 19 May 2020).

The council’s functions are to supervise the development and implementation of the University’s research strategy and to coordinate the processes of scientific activity.


  • To evaluate and coordinate the draft of the RSU Scientific Institution Development Strategy and other strategic documents related to scientific activities at RSU;
  • To evaluate and coordinate draft reports on the scientific activities of RSU, as well as the reports on the results of the scientific activities;
  • To evaluate and agree on drafts of internal laws and regulations concerning scientific activities at RSU;
  • To review and coordinate issues related to the organisation and execution of scientific conferences and other events related to scientific activity at RSU;
  • To review and decide on the status and publishing of scientific monographs by RSU staff*;
  • To approve draft regulations of RSU internal research project competitions;
  • To make proposals on the establishment, reorganisation, and dissolution of research units;
  • To make proposals for the renewal, maintenance, and rational usage of the research infrastructure;
  • To make proposals on measures to strengthen scientific excellence and to renew academic staff;
  • To coordinate other matters related to scientific activities, as well as to perform other functions stipulated in the RSU laws and regulations.

* The procedures for reviewing scientific and collective monographs and forms were approved on 13 November 2019 by Rector's Decree No. 5-1/306/2019 "Par zinātnisko un kolektīvo monogrāfiju izskatīšanas kārtības Rīgas Stradiņa universitātes Zinātnes padomē aktualizēšanu" (On Updating the Procedure for Reviewing Scientific and Collective Monographs at the Rīga Stradiņš University Council of Science).


Approved on 23 January 2023 by Rector's Decree No. 1-PB-2/38/2023

Vice-Rector for Science, RSU Zinātnes padomes priekšsēdētāja
Academic Staff, Director, RSU Zinātnes padomes priekšsēdētājas vietnieks
Scientific Secretary, Research project coordinator


Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Lead Researcher
Chair of the Senate, Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Padomnieku konventa loceklis
Academic Staff, Lead Researcher, Projekta vadītāja
Dean, Academic Staff
Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Director, Lead Researcher
Academic Staff
Academic Staff
Academic Staff, Director
Chair, Convent of Councillors, Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Lead Researcher
Academic Staff
Dean, Academic Staff, DSP "Veselības aprūpe" apakšprogrammas "Farmācija" direktore
Lead Researcher
Dean, Director of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Director, Board Member