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The Research Department of Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) is an administrative entity which deals with the co-ordination, monitoring and support of research activities under the direct jurisdiction of the Vice-Rector for Science.

Historically, at Rīga Medical Institute, science was organised in the Central Scientific Research Laboratory, under the guidance of the Research Organisation Department. As a result of structural reforms, the Research Department was created. Employees of the Research Department are responsible for the development of science at the university.


The goal of activities within the Research Department is to guarantee efficiently RSU research activity strategies and the implementation of science policies, by planning and implementing the following activities:

  • organising RSU scientific activity;
  • assessment of the complex results of scientific activity;
  • the creation of a document database for RSU representation in external communications processes on issues of scientific activity;
  • co-ordination of the development projects of scientific structural units;
  • accountancy and support in international collaborative research;
  • guarantee the operations of the editing team for RSU scientific publications;
  • completion of preliminary work in the preparation of submissions for intellectual property registration;
  • maintenance and updating of the intellectual property register.