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Programme Fact File

Study direction:
Management, Administration and Real Estate Management
Bachelor’s study programme
accredited until
Degree conferred / qualification obtained:
Bachelor’s degree of social sciences in management and administration
Language: Latvian
Credit points/ECTS: 120/180
Study location: Rīga
3 years
2 government subsidised
18 full fee
2300 EUR/year

The programme is currently implemented in Latvian. It has been submitted for and is currently undergoing an accreditation process to be implemented in English as well as for distance learning.

Learning environment, content and methods

Learning environment

The university has a highly international environment that allows students to cooperate and establish contacts with peers from different countries on a daily basis. This advantage also makes it easier for students to integrate into international teams when going to work for international companies in the future. Studies take place in an efficient, positive, open and collaborative atmosphere, with modern technological equipment and an e-learning platform that effectively organises the study process. The platform is used both on-site at the university and during independent work outside the university. There are comfortable workplaces outside the auditoriums for students' independent work, which allows them to be able to prepare for classes on university premises and to complete both individual and group tasks.

Individual courses are held in English.
1st Year

In the first year, students learn the theory of economics and management science, its historical development and current trends. This knowledge will be useful in the work environment to analyse, interpret and address practical economic and management problems. Students learn to collect and systematise information, tackle tasks, classify data, apply quantitative and qualitative methods in data analysis, define problems, conduct qualitative and quantitative research and offer reasoned, research-based solutions to problems.

2nd Year

In the second year, students will acquire in-depth knowledge of international business organisation and various management processes in accordance with today's developing business environment and goals. Students develop the ability to argue and discuss business management problems in an international environment and understand the prerequisites for developing a sustainable and competitive economy.

During this study year, students undergo placements that allow them to develop practical skills and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in carrying out practical tasks. The university has signed contracts with employers providing the students of the course with 100% of their placements.

3rd Year

In the third year, students acquire the necessary theoretical basis and practical skills to develop and implement a sustainable company strategy. They also gain the ability to solve economic and business management problems, manage professional activities and projects, take responsibility for decision-making and implementation.

Throughout this programme, students' professionalism is reinforced by guest lectures given by both Latvian and international specialists, scientists, heads of public institutions, managers of small and medium businesses, as well as international organisations. Many off-site seminars to large and medium-sized Latvian companies are organised and there is an active exchange of students through the Erasmus + exchange programme. The programme allows students to study outside Latvia for one semester.


The study process in this programme is organised according to a modular system, including lectures, seminars, practical classes, and independent work. There is an emphasis on independed work, which will include reading and analysing scientific literature, writing summaries and essays, preparing reports and projects, and preparing and presenting semester papers and group projects. The aim of these methods is to help students develop the ability to analyse economic situations critically, evaluate and model the development of these situations in the future logically and to develop skills for team work and even team management.


RSU Main Building, 16 Dzirciema iela

Job opportunities after graduation

Graduates of the study programme work in a variety of sectors including finance (insurance, banking, foundations), real estate, manufacturing, trade, transport, legal and accounting services, public administration and other fields. Graduates hold top positions in Latvian and international companies.

What to study next

It is possible to continue studying in an RSU Master's degree programme.

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