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Work experience

2017 - Present

Assistant Professor

Faculty of European Studies, Department of International Business and Economics

2017 - Present

Head of the Study Programme

Faculty of European Studies

2017 - Present

Latvian European Community Studies Association, Research, Think-tank

  • Research director
  • LECSA Business Studies Tour Coordinator

2007 - Present

University of Latvia, Higher education, Research

  • Researcher & project coordinator, Centre for European and Transition Studies, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (2010 – now)
  • Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Economics and Management (2007 – now)
  • Programme Coordinator, European Studies Master Programme (2013 – 2017)


Project based researches, policy analyses, development of policy recommendations within successful awarded implementation of several EU INTERREG, Europe for Citizens, Erasmus+ programmes` projects regarding labour market issues, labour mobility, integration aspects, labour demand short-term forecasts in Latvia, volunteering and social participation in public governance (please see the list of projects below) related to social, economic and political science areas. Effective development, including, administration, coordination, planning, budgeting and international cooperation of bachelor and master degree study programmes. Academic teaching in master and bachelor degree programme: “Globalization and Integration Processes in International Economy”, “International and European Integration Political Economy”, “Business in the European Union”, “European Union: Institutions and Governance”, “Practical Research Methodology Seminar”, “Public Support Models in International Business”.

2002 - 2010

State Revenue Service (SRS) of the Republic of Latvia, Public administration

  • Deputy director, Personnel and Strategic Development Department (2006-2010)
  • Head, Strategy and Analyses Division (2006-2010)
  • Deputy head, Projects Coordination Division (2004 – 2006)
  • Chief specialist, Modernization Project Unit (2002 – 2004).


Qualified professional with a Doctoral Degree in Business Management and an overall 16 years of working experience across analytical, managerial, academic, administrative, organizational, development, team leadership, talent and HR processes, project management and research-related sectors in European Union social and economic studies dimensions. My objective is to contribute to analytical, administrative, practical, organizational, managerial, project-based or research-related interesting, diversified and dynamic development environment in private, public, NGO or academic sectors across the EU.

Effective contribution to making an impactful difference in changing the SRS toward client-oriented service organization by efficient management and teamwork in designing (content-wise) and active implementation of the SRS Development strategy, its action plan and monitoring system; internal communication management with 5`200 employees; creation and editorial functions of the SRS weekly Change Newsletters. Establishment and management of SRS personnel evaluation system. Change management and conduction of SRS reforms, including institutional, functions`, processes` and financial analyses. Organization of SRS Clients Satisfaction Surveys (>30`000 respondents), data analysis and reporting. Successful awarded implementation of number of SRS development projects (technical, IT and capacity building), including application, planning, budgeting, coordination of teams, monitoring and control, evaluation, administrative and quality management.

Education and training


October 2007 – December 2016

Doctoral degree in Management Science with specialization in Public Administration. University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Management, Riga, Latvia. Title of Ph.D. thesis: "Role Of A Client-oriented Approach In The Development Of Public Administration: Case Study Of Youth”.


September 2005 – June 2007

Master degree of Social Science in European Studies University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Management, Riga, Latvia. Principal skills in EU focused interdisciplinar fields of sciences in politics, law, social sciences, economics, regional sciences, public administration, and business. Title of Master Thesis: “Strategic planning of the State Revenue Service of Republic of the Republic of Latvia in relevance to national, European Union and international strategic documents.”


September 2001 – June 2005

Bachelor degree of Social Science in International Business. University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Management, Riga, Latvia. Principal skills in management science with specialization in International Business. University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Management, Riga, Latvia. Title of Bachelor Thesis: “World Bank’s Support for Realization of State Revenue Service Modernization Project.”


Further personal and professional development and increase of qualification through seminars, conferences, trainings, online courses –

Public Governance, Global Governance, Communication, Research, and others.



Recent experience and achieved results in projects and researches

1. 2019 (Jan.-Oct.). Head of the Bachelor programme to develop – International Business and Start-up Entrepreneurship. EU Operational Programme`s “Growth and Employment” with the specific objective 8.2.1. “To reduce fragmentation of study courses and to strengthen sharing of resources” project in Riga Stradins University, Nr.

2. 2018-2022. Quality manager. Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education project “Risk Management and PREVENTion of AntIbioTics Resistance | PREVENT IT”. Project No. 598515-EPP-1-2018-1-IN-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP.

3. 2018 (Nov.) – present (Oct. 2021). Researcher. EU Erasmus+ programme`s project “Knowledge Alliance for Human Resources and Organizational Development, (KAforHR)”. The project aims to locate innovative solutions for Human Resources and Organizational Development in the context of aging population (managers at SMEs), changes in skills` and competences required in labour market including the increase of vocational education and training role in labour market.

4. 2016 (Oct.) – present (Jun. 2019). Researcher. EU Erasmus+ programme`s project “Age Factor”. The aim is to increase the competencies of educators and professionals in the adult (50+) education field (digital and transversal skills) to promote personal and professional branding and credibility, and create social reputation. Project actions will be based on labour markets` and target groups` skills` researchers across Europe (10 partners, 9 EU countries).

5. 2015 (Jun.) – 2016 (Mai.), 11 months. Project Coordinator, Researcher. International scientific project "Volunteering - Code of Active Citizenship" under EU Programme “Europe for Citizens”. The main activities during the project implementation in Latvia were the conduction of research about the experiences and perspectives of the voluntary work in Latvia as well as the organization of Conference and Fair.

6. 2014 (Sept.) – 2017 (Sept.). 36 months. Project coordinator. Erasmus+ Jean Monnet activities – Support to Institutions and Associations. Support to the Latvian European Community Studies Association. Project`s title: “The Wide Scope of European Studies: New Trends”. The objective of the project is to develop, promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge and research information to ensure greater visibility of theoretical and practical problems related to the European integration. The project builds a network and a platform for cooperation between universities, research centres, governmental, non-governmental institutions and civil society.

7. 2012 (Jan.) – 2014 (Dec.), 36 months. Researcher. EU Interreg IVC programme`s project “Labour Pus”. Based on national and international comparative researches on the integration aspects in labour markets on the EU-level, the project created pool of good case integration examples, developed tools and policy recommendations ( to enhance active labour market policies and define strategies to improve the labour integration and employment of the disadvantaged social groups.

8. 2012 (Jun.) – 2014 (Jun.), 24 months. Researcher, ESF project “Latvian Labour Market Short Term Forecasts”. Comprehensive combined researches using quantitative and qualitative research methods to establish short term (6 12 months) forecasts on demand and supply of workforce in the Latvian labour market.

9. 2011 (May) – 2013 (Apr.), 24 months. Researcher. EU INTERREG 2007-2013 Programme`s project “Central Baltic Job Ferry”. Comprehensive, detailed researches on labour markets and qualification recognition to increase the cross-border information flow. As a result an online platform was built to facilitate the information search and exchange about Top50 demanded professions in each of the Central Baltic countries` labour markets (

10. 2011 (Sept.) – 2014 (Sept.). 36 months. Project coordinator. Establishment and implementation of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. Project`s title: “Eastern Partnership in a Global Environment: Sharing European Excellence in Inter-Disciplinary Research and Teaching”. EU Jean Monnet Programme – Unilateral projects, Lifelong Learning Programme. The project aims were strengthening interdisciplinary research and teaching on European studies in Latvia, building a cooperative network of those involved in this process and sharing EU values and contents with Eastern Partnership counterparts in the context of the EU external dimension.


List of scientific publications and articles. Published in scientific and academic editions and databases

1. Putans, R. (2019). The Feasibility Study of Innovative Public Policy Client-Accordance Index. IIAS Study Group`s on

‘Coproduction of Public Services’ 7th annual conference in Leuven, Belgium, 27- 28 May 2019.


2. Putans, R. (2019). The Feasibility of Innovative Public Governance Client-Accordance Index in Business and Higher

Education. Abstract submission for Riga Stradins University Social Sciences Conference “PLACES” on April 2, 2019. Paper

presentation accepted.


SKILLS IN THE AGE-GROUP 50+. Submitted for the 10th international scientific conference "New Challenges of Economic

and Business Development – 2018: Productivity and Economic Growth" organized by the Faculty of Business, Management

and Economics (University of Latvia) in Riga (Latvia).

4. Putans, R., O.Starineca, I.Voroncuka. (2016). Social Participation through volunteering as Co-production of Public Services:

Case study of Latvia. International Scientific Conference “New Challenges of Economic and Business Development – 2016:

Society, Innovations and Collaborative Economy”: Riga, Latvia, May 12–14, 2016. Proceedings. Riga: University of Latvia,

2016, pp.574-585 (963). Included and indexed in Web of Science Core Collection.

5. Putans, R. (2016). Modern Interactions between the Society and the State: In Search of Clients within Public Administration.

The Tokyo Foundation Sylff Research Abroad. Available at


6. Kantane, I., Sloka, B., Putans, R., Muravska, T. (2015). The factors affecting young people's participation in public

administration: results of survey. Journal of System and Management Sciences, 5(3), 32-45. Available at

7. Buligina, I., Putans, R., Sloka, B. (2014). Coherence of Work Based Learning and Regional Development in Latvia. Economics

& Business, 25, 19-26. Available in EBCSO.

8. Putans, R., Co-authors. (2014). EU Social Dimension – An Innovative and Reflective Society. Teaching material. Riga,

University of Latvia Press, 84, Editors: Tatjana Muravska, Biruta Sloka.

9. Putans, R. Quintana, I. (2013). Labour Plus Project`s Good Practices Analysis Report. Project`s research report, Interreg IVC.

Alt Empordà County Council and Latvia University. Avaible at:

10. NordRegio. (2013). Cross-border labour mobility in the Central Baltic region. NordRegio report based on the results of EU

INTERREG 2007-2013 Programme`s project “CentralBaltic JobFerry”. The project partners were University of Latvia (lead

partner), Nordregio, Institute of Baltic Studies and Turku University of Applied Sciences. Report available at….

11. Putans, R. (2013). Youth Generation’s Intentions towards Public Administration Development: The Case of the Baltic States.

In: Recovery of the Baltic States after the Global Financial Crisis: Necessity and Strategies, Pfannkuche, A. (Ed.), Bremen:

Bremen Technical University, Germany, pp. 43-57. Available in Library of University of Bremen at, and SSOAR Social Science Open Access Repository, Germany at

12. Putans, R., Aprans, J. (2012). Advantages of Latvia in Economic Cooperation with EU Eastern Partnership Countries. The

Role of University. In: European Integration and Baltic Sea Region Studies: Business-University Partnership through the Triple

Helix Aproach II, Muravska, T., Prause, G. (eds), Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, GmbH, Germany, pp.254-267, 336.

Available in German National Library database at

13. Putans, R., Nartisa, I., Muravska T. (2012). Strategic Planning and Management in Governmental and Private Sector in Latvia:

Comparative Analysis and Opportunities for Improvement. In: European Integration Studies. Kaunas University of Technology.

Institute of Europe. Vol.6. Available in EBCSO

14. Putans, R. (2011). Youth Policy in National Strategic Planning in Baltic States. In: European Integration and Baltic Sea Region: Diversity and Perspectives I. Muravska, T., Petrov, R., Sloka, B, Vaivads, J. (eds), Riga: The University of Latvia Press, Latvia, pp.313-327, 650. Available in Library of Congress, USA, ISBN 9789984453989,

15. Putans, R., Muiznieks, I. (2011). Scientific Research Today – Challenges and Solutions for Latvia. In: Interdisciplinarity in Social Sciences: Does It Provide Answers to Current Challenges in Higher Education and Research? The University of Latvia press. Pp.112-130. Available in Library of Congress, USA,

16. Putans, R. (2009). Public Administration’s Customer Care. In: Baltic Business and Socio-Economic Development 2008, Muravska, T., Prause, G. (eds), Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag GmbH, Germany, pp.300–316, 548. Available in Library of Congress, USA,

17. Putans, R. co-authors. (2009). Client satisfaction survey in State Revenue Service of Republic of Latvia (2008). In: Intra-European Organization of Tax administrations, IOTA Tax Tribune 2009, ISSUE 25 – 207 p./ Editors: Marek Welenczyk, Xavier Bosc, Agnes Lukacs, Ian Macdonald, Kristine Sergejeva, Ralf Uhl. – Hungary: Kompkonzult Kft. pp.174-181.

18.Putans, R. co-authors. (2008). Further Development of Tax Administration and Customs in the EU Single Market. In: Scientific Conference Proceedings – 100 p./ – Riga: RTU, pp.46-55.


Academic awards, scholarships

1. Tokyo Foundation, The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (Sylff) Program, Sylff Research Abroad award.

Research “The feasibility analysis of the author`s case based methodology model – the policy client-accordance index” was

individually conducted in association with the Institute of Public Economics at Graz University in Austria. (November 2015 –

January 2016)

2. Estonian government scholarships, Archimedes Foundation (academic year 2014/2015)

3. Estonian government scholarships, Archimedes Foundation (academic year 2013/2014)

4. Tokyo Foundation, The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (Sylff) Program, The Nippon Foundation

fellowship from University of Latvia (academic year 2011/2012)

5. Scholarship from ESF project „Support for Doctoral Studies at the University of Latvia” (ac.year 2011/2012)

6. Scholarship from ESF project „Support for Doctoral Studies at the University of Latvia” (ac.year 2009/2010)


Social activity and participation. Volunteering.

1. Current: Member of the Latvian Young Scientists Association and Coordinator of the Doctoral School at the University of

Latvia. Main activities and responsibilities: organization of interdisciplinary doctoral colloquia and communication


2. Former: President of AIESEC (International students’ organization, NGO) Local Committee in Riga, Latvia (2010-2011),

Learning Environment Manager (2009-2010). Main activities and responsibilities: facilitating a sustainable growth of AIESEC

LC Riga and its members (overall 75 people). Management of executive board (7 members), coaching of members, facilitating

in conferences, ensuring legacy of LC Riga, represent LC Riga in local, national and international conferences and seminars,

communication with stakeholders.

3. Former: active member of the Students` Council at the University of Latvia, Students` member of the University Senate, and member of Students` Autonomy of the Faculty of Economics and Management.


Academic teaching experience incl. international guest-lectures:

1. International Business Economics, Master degree course, RSU. 24 ac.hours, 2018.

2. Public Support Models in International Business, Bachelor degree course, Riga Stradins University (RSU). 24 ac.hours per

year, 2016-present.

3. Regional Trends in International Economy, Bachelor degree course, RSU. 24 ac.hours per year, 2016-present.

4. European Union - Governance and Institutions, Master degree course, UL, 64 ac.hours per year, 2012-present.

5. Practical Research Methodology Seminar I&II, Bachelor and Master degree courses, RSU and University of Latvia (UL), 24-

32 ac.hours per year, 2011-2014, 2017-present.

6. International and European Integration Political Economy, Bachelor degree course, UL, 64 ac.hours per year 2010-2014.

7. Business in the European Union, Bachelor degree course, UL, 32 ac.hours per year 2011-2014.

8. Globalization and Integration Processes in International Economy I&II, Bachelor degree course, UL, 32&64 ac.hours per year,


9. European Union - Governance and Institutions, Master degree guest-lectures, 4 ac.hours plus LECSA Business Study Tour in Brussels and Luxembourg, 40ac.h., University of Applied Sciences, Northwest Switzerland, 2015-present.

10. Europe Asia Dynamics – Economic Dimension: Comparisons and Co-operations, Master degree Summer School guest-lectures, 6 ac.hours, Bremen University of Applied Sciences(Germany), 2015/2016.

11. European Union and Baltic States – Socioeconomic Cooperation and Interaction, Master Degree guest-lectures, 8 ac.hours., Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), 2013/2014.

12. European Union - Governance and Institutions, Master degree guest-lectures, 8 ac.hours: Manipal University (India) in 2016/2017; Tirana University (Albania) in 2017/2018; Manila University (Philippines) in 2017/2018.



1. Academic: * Prof. Dr. Tatjana Muravska, Jean Monnet Chair, Director of Centre for European and Transition Studies, Director of European Studies Masters Programme, academic supervisor. tatjana[pnkts]muravskaatlu[pnkts]lv, +371 29297753. * Prof. Dr. Inna Dovladbekova, Head of the International Business and Economics Department, Riga Stradins University. inna[pnkts]dovladbekovaatrsu[pnkts]lv, +371 67409184.

2. Professional and personal: Mrs. Marina Basko, Head of Personnel and Strategic Development Department of SRS (2005-2010. marina[pnkts]baskoatgmail[pnkts]com; phone +44 7826 655323 (UK).

3. Personal, social-professional: Mrs. Jekaterina Slavgorodska, President, AIESEC Latvia (2011-2012). jekaterina[pnkts]slavgorodskaatgmail[pnkts]com; +371 28897699.






Putāns, Romāns. Feasibility of innovative public governance client-accordance index in business and higher education / R.Putans // Rīga Stradiņš University International Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Sciences "Places" (Riga, Latvia, Apr.2, 2019) : Abstracts / Rīga Stradiņš University. - Rīga, 2019. - P.133.

Lectured study course

Development and Presentation of the Master_s Thesis

Development of Bachelor’s Thesis and Defence

Intercultural Business Relations

International Business Economics


Placement I

Public Support Models in International Business

Regionalisation Trends in International Economy

Research Methodology in Economics

Research Paper

Research Paper II

Supervised study course

Behavioural Economics

Business and Societal Governance / International Exposure I - Brussels Week

Business Research Methodology

Digital Health and MedTech Development

Environmental Economics and Finances

Health Care System Impact on Labour Market

International Business Economics

Public Support Models in International Business

Regionalisation Trends in International Economy

Research Methodology in Economics

Semester project I - Orientation and Integration

Semester Project II - Knowledge Integration

Semester Project IV - Practice Integration I

Semester Project V - Practice Integration II

Social Innovation Design and Impact Assessment

Supervised study programme

Rīga Stradiņš University, Bachelor, Full-time studies, European Economics and Business

Rīga Stradiņš University, Bachelor, Full-time studies, International Business and Start-up Entrepreneurship


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