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The Department of Human Physiology and Biochemistry offers Physiology, Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry courses in various study programs such as Medicine and Biomedicine (Faculty of Medicine) as well as in Dentistry, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation programmes and other faculties.

Fields of activity, main tasks and aims

  • Qualitative organisation and implementation of undergraduate studies in human physiology, medical chemistry and medical biochemistry within the study programmes of the Faculty of Medicine and other faculties, as well as the management of the Biomedicine master’s study programme,
  • Development of doctoral theses and promotion of the development of students’ research papers,
  • Implementation of scientific research carried out by the department's academic staff including research conducted in cooperation with RSU clinical departments and training centres,
  • Upgrading the qualifications of academic staff on a regular basis.

Research areas and topics

  • Study of biomarkers (cytokines and growth factors) associated with the pathogenesis of aortic valve stenosis and atherosclerosis
  • Study of risk factors of diseases associated with obesity (metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes)
  • Development of biomarkers and therapeutic drug monitoring as a tool to personalize immunosuppressive therapy in kidney transplant recipients
  • Development of screening methods by innovative spectroscopy techniques and chemometrics in research of herbal medicine
  • Various berries and young shoots of extracts obtained by freeze-drying method, the effect of oxidative stress parameters in vitro and in vivo chemical treatment
  • Enzymology. Impact of polyphenols on metabolism and digestion, and lipid and protein oxidation processes
  • Study of skin vasomotor and neurovascular reactions in psoriasis patients and patients with other non-contagious skin diseases, including patients with cardiovascular risk factors
  • Study of biomarkers (cytokines and growth factors) related to SIRS and sepsis, including the development of new diagnostic biomarker panels and clinical approbation
  • Studies in sports physiology and studies related to fatigue processes

International Scientific projects

  • Individualization of immunosuppressive therapy by performing pharmacokinetic modelling and assessing biomarkers for the transplanted patients
  • Effect of the polyphenolic phytochemical oregonin on the epigenetic marks in cardiovascular and reproductive tissues
  • Several projects of the Latvian National Program "Biomedicine"


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