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Unlike medical studies at most European institutions of higher education, studies at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Faculty of Medicine are more integrated with clinical practice. Students learn the basics of the profession at RSU clinical hospitals and the main medical treatment and scientific institutions in Latvia: P. Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital, the Children’s Clinical University Hospital, Riga East University Hospital, and the Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopaedics. 


Being a doctor is not just a profession but also a life choice. Choosing to become a doctor is a significant decision and students feels a lot of joy when they can manage to make their dream of working in medicine come true through hard work, self-discipline, and willpower. A doctor's work means taking on a lot of responsibility for patients' health. Their life is now in your hands and your conscience. Being a doctor is gratifying of provides real joy. The RSU Faculty of Medicine values these emotional, professional, and ethical qualities highly. We add to them by providing a modern study environment, cutting-edge technologies and our biggest asset – the experience of outstanding specialists and teaching staff in all fields of medicine and their friendly approach towards the students. We strive for excellence!

Prof. Guntis Bahs, Vice-Rector for Health Studies


International students enrich our community, are a testament to the quality of medical education in Latvia, and act as ambassadors for RSU all over the world. The presence of international students raises lecturers' awareness of the international dimension of studies and research, and our university’s importance in European medical processes.

Smuidra Žermanos, Vice-Dean for International Students

The RSU Faculty of Medicine is becoming increasingly popular among foreign students due to its competitive education and tuition fees in Europe. It offers a full professional education programme that enables graduates to continue their education in their chosen residency programme or master’s study programme in Latvia or in any other European Union member state.

The RSU Faculty of Medicine is working on five-year medical study development plan with the aim to become the leading medical education centre in the Baltic region. It will introduce the high quality standards and modern teaching technologies found at the world's best medical universities.


The departments within the Faculty of Medicine coordinate the training of students in all clinical and theoretical medical disciplines. In cooperation with the institutions of higher education and scientific institutes in other countries the faculty departments have become scientific schools and research centres, ensuring the professional quality of the RSU academic teaching staff.

Starting with the second year of studies the students of the Faculty of Medicine have the option of acquiring in-depth knowledge in paediatrics. Placements in clinical patient care, internal diseases, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology are also included in the study process to supplement theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

Graduates and teaching staff of RSU Faculty of Medicine are working successfully in Latvian and foreign clinics, research institutes and international health protection organisations.


Undergraduate programmes
Post-graduate programmes
  • Health Management – Professional Master’s degree in Health Management/Professional qualification ''Business Establishment Executive''
  • Medicine – Doctor’s qualification 


Dean of the Faculty 

Vice-Dean for International Students


The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1919 as part of the University of Latvia. In 1950, the Faculty of Medicine was separated from the University of Latvia and the Riga Medical Institute (RMI) was founded as an independent institution of higher education with the university as its base. From 1990 onwards (after RMI was renamed the the Medical Academy of Latvia) the Faculty of Medicine has continued its pedagogic and scientific and is today the cornerstone of Rīga Stradiņš University.

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