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Work experience

2012 - Present

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Medicine, Department of Human Physiology and Biochemistry

I teach biochemistry (lectures, seminars, labs) for students of Medicine and other health science departments

2002 - Present

Assistant Professor

RSU Red Cross Medical College

I teach biochemistry (lectures and seminars) for 1st year students of Medicine and Nursing programmes​

1998 - 2008

Visiting Lecturer

University of Latvia

I taught biochemistry and molecular biology (seminars and labs) for students within the Biology department​

2004 - 2006


Riga International CIDESCO Cosmetics school

I taught the Chemisrty of cosmetics for the 1st year students​

1993 - 2009

Leading Researcher (initially Researcher)

Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre

Scientific research works within Latvian Research Council or State Research programme projects, or contract, in fields of molecular biology and applied enzymology

Education and training

2003 - 2004

The chemistry teacher for secondary school

University of Latvia

The professional program (Chemistry department). Qualification: the chemistry teacher for secondary school. Skills gained: interpretation of chemical data, demonstration of chemical experiments, pedagogic& psychologic skills. Diploma PDA 2601


PhD in biology sciences

University of Latvia

Nostrification (alignment) of the scientific degree according European standards. The degree PhD in biology has been granted. Diploma C-D 000893. Applicant has proved his qualification and skills in molecular biology and genetic engineering, during the research work within the Institute of Molecular Biology.

1974 - 1977

The degree Candidate of sciences

Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of Acad.Sci. USSR

Postgraduate course (doctorant stage, aspiranture as a term used in that period). Improvement of knowledge and research work in protein chemistry, enzymology and related fields. Promotion work "Chemical modification studies on phospholipase A2 from cobra venom" (supervisor Yury Ovchinnikov) has been defended 16 June, 1981. Diploma XM 008885.

1969 - 1974


Moscow M.Lomonosov State University

Knowledge and skills in various branches of chemistry have been obtained. The diploma work has been performed and defended in field of organic chemistry, in the laboratory of heterocyclic compounds (supervisor Nikolai S.Zefirov). Diploma with distinctions Ya 283063.


Continuing education a.o. qualification upgrade

English language improvement course, Dec 2015- May 2016, conducted by "Alius Lingua" ;

Various lectures organized by RSU Pedagogic Education Centre;

Courses for didactics in higher education, conducted by Pedagogy and psychology department of University of Latvia: 2014 ; 2010 (certificate No 1097); 2006 (certificate No 13516).

Field of research

Biosynthesis and purification of recombinant proteins;

Biosynthesis and use of modified nucleosides ;

Investigations of immunoglobulins.

Objects of intellectual property

Two USSR patent equivalents: SU-1307852 (1987) and SU-1440033 (1988) concerning recombinant proteins interferon and interleukin-2 and their genes.

Supervised study course


Lectured study course


Medical Biochemistry

Supervised and reviewed student research papers


Master's theses: 1 (BRSC)

bachelor theses 3 (BRSC)

qualification papers: 20 (college)


Master's theses: 2 (BRSC)

bachelor theses 3 (BRSC)

qualification papers: 20 (college).


In research job period, I was involved in research projects, latest of them

New medicaments and biocorrection agents, SRP No 7 (2006-2008) and

Synthesis of oligo desoxyribonucleotides, LZP 01.0243 (2002-2005)

(earlier projects are not mentioned here).


Member of the Latvian Biochemical Society;

Member of the board of a public organization Latvian Erudite League.


Research articles

In the period of research job, I have published 13 articles. The most recent international publication: U.Apsalons, V.Bichko (1994) The affinities of monoclonal antibodies against core antigen of hepatitis B virus. Archives of Virology, 134 (3): 393- 402. (Link to the article ) ​


In the period of research job, I have published 17 theses in conferences. The most recent: N.Feldmane, Ē.Bizdēna, U.Apsalons. Enzymatic transglycosylation and chromatographic analysis of heterocyclic bases and nucleosides. 48th RTU students scientific and technical conference, Riga, 2007, p.128 (in Latvian). ​


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