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For RSU Employees

The holidays are approaching and although we are currently spending most of our time at home, and it is not always possible to meet in person there is a way in which you can make someone happy without even knowing them! You can send a gift to a stranger and be their Secret Santa, and you can receive a gift in return from another Secret Santa.


  • Fill out this form by 5 December!
  • All submitted form will be compiled and each participant will be sent information about the next steps to take.
  • Prepare a gift and send an email to secret[pnkts]santa[pnkts]skalakatgmail[pnkts]com saying that you are ready to send it. You will then be given the recipient's address so that you can send the gift via Omniva (costs are covered by the sender). All gifts must be sent by 18 December.
  • The minimum value of the gift should be 5 euros (excluding Omniva expenses). The important thing is to be creative and make or buy a gift that you would be happy to receive yourself.
  • When you receive your gift, share a photo of it and how you feel by writing an email to secret[pnkts]santa[pnkts]skalakatgmail[pnkts]com!
Participate in the game only if you want to make someone else happy too! Please do not apply if you just want to receive a gift yourself.
The game is organised by the RSU Student media network Skaļāk