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For Students

On 17 June, 20 brave students who started their journey without knowing what was expected from them, graduated from the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Business Incubator. We are proud to say that this year’s graduates proved their determination through the ups and downs of working on an idea. With outstanding presentations, our graduates demonstrated the results of their diligent, four-month-long work to a jury.

Congratulations to our graduates: Roberts Guščs, Umberts Mētra-Ozoliņš, Dignis Briģis, Alīna Anna Pitkeviča, Mārīte Balgalve, Annija Lazdiņa, Agnese Lapiņa, Antons Miščenko, Aleksandrs Pekālis, Amanda Zūle, Betija Rācene, Juris Zālīte, Līga Klibā, Līva Letīcija Pekarska, Megija Saleniece, Rons Kalnieks, Rainers Leons Justs, Renārs Tukris, Sindija Kezika and Toms Baltiņš!

We would also like to thank the jury who did an excellent job providing comments and suggestions to the teams, as well as asking useful questions!


  • 1st place – Team “Pēda” (Sindija Kezika, Antons Miščenko, Rainers Leons Justs, Amanda Zūle, Megija Saleniece)
  • 2nd place – Team “Tasket” (Toms Baltiņš, Līva Letīcija Pekarska, Betija Rācene, Renārs Tukris)
  • 3rd place – Team “MediCharm” (Līga Klibā, Agnese Lapiņa)

We also want to thank our mentors, guest lecturers, and everyone who contributed to making this event happen!

We believe that this was just a beginning for our graduates and that we will definitely hear from them in the future! Kristaps Zaļais quotes Winnie the Pooh: ‘You can't stay in your corner waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.’ You did come to us, and you achieved your goals. But there are definitely more great things ahead!