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Ilze Lutere, a lecturer and nutritionist at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU), shows us how to quickly and easily prepare a healthy desert. All of us want something sweet every now and again, and this recipe can function as a desert and also a healthy snack. 

Ingredients, 2 servings (150 kcal)

  • linseed (ground) – 3 tbsp
  • gingerbread spice
  • Greek yoghurt – 4 tbsp
  • fresh or frozen berries (pureed)  – 4 tbsp
  • decoration: berries, fruit etc.

Mix the ground up linseeds with the gingerbread spice, or with brown sugar and cinnamon, then put them in the bottom of a glass. 'The best thing about linseeds are the omega-3 fats. This is why I recommend grinding the linseeds yourself, because the fat has been broken down in store bought pre-ground seeds. Pre-ground seeds contain about 10-12 grams of fat, but if you grind them yourself they contain about 40 grams,' explains Lutere.

A layer of yoghurt goes on top of the linseeds. 'I use Greek yoghurt because it contains only 2% fat and good protein.' You can use yoghurt with a higher or lower fat content, or even sour cream.

The next layer consists of pureed berries or fruit - fresh or frozen. 'Choose whichever berries you like best. If using cranberries, I recommend boiling them a bit so that they're softer and mix better with the linseeds.'

You can add sugar if you'd like, or decorate with berries, fruit or anything else you can think of. 'This desert is quick and easy to make, and a good dish to serve to guests,' concludes the nutritionist.