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For Students

On 13 June the RSU International Department held its first mentoring workshop for senior students in order to prepare them to welcome newly admitted international students in August 2019. The aim of the mentoring programme is to help new international students adjust to Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) and to Latvia. This mentoring programme also facilitates the integration of local and international student communities.

Each semester senior students from various RSU faculties join the mentoring programme. During the first mentoring workshop students were given information about mentoring and taught the necessary skills.

Students who attended the first mentoring workshop expressed an interest in sharing their knowledge and assisting international students in their personal, academic, social and cultural adjustments. In return the mentors have the opportunity to learn about new cultures and to broaden their horizons as well as develop their intercultural communication and other important social skills such as group-management and leadership.


If you are an RSU student and feel that mentoring is your calling, join the mentoring programme.

Submit your application here:
Save the date! The next mentoring workshop: 27 June at 15:00, Senate Hall, RSU Main Building

The RSU International Department is looking for mentors who are available to assist during the international student Orientation Week from 27 to 31 August.