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For Students

Despite the national state of emergency, the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Sports Club remains open. Students and employees are welcome to visit the Sports Club on weekdays for individual workouts, 8:00 - 21:00. Before coming to the Sports Club, book a time by calling 67612026. Students and employees can also enjoy online workout sessions with Sports Club trainers.

Online workout sessions by our trainer Mārtiņš Markovs are available on Facebook. To participate, join his Facebook group RSU spēka un intervāla treniņi where you will be able to find a variety of strength and endurance workouts. Students can also participate in various challenges and enjoy workouts online with trainer Daina Lazdeniece-Auniņa by joining her Facebook group RSU funkcionālais treniņš LIVE.

Teams in the top leagues are continuing their training and are playing matches.

The RSU women’s basketball team Douglas currently playing in the Baltic Basketball League against other Latvian teams: five matches have already been played against the teams TTT Rīga, Latvijas Universitāte, SBK Liepāja/LSSS, and BJBS Rīga/Juniores. For now, the team from RSU holds two victories over Latvijas Universitāte and BJBS Rīga/Juniores. The games’ most valuable players were Guna Lagzdiņa, Elīna Grinberga and Ieva Stefānija Jundase.

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Photo: Renārs Koris

The women's volleyball team RSU/MVS also plays in the top league. The Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian teams have met in Baltic Women's Volleyball League matches. However, due to the current situation, the teams only play matches within their countries. In this league Latvia is represented by Riga Volleyball School /LU, Jelgava, VK miLATss (Daugavpils), and RSU/MVS. Three of a total of five rounds have already been completed: RSU/MVS – Jelgava 1:1, RSU/MVS – VK miLATss 0:1, RSU/MVS – Riga Volleyball School /LU 0:1. The most valuable players on the RSU/MVS team have been Veronika Dubinova, Elza Smilškalne, Anna Embrekte.

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The men's indoor football team RSU/BAO Dobele continues playing in the top league as well. 11 teams take part in the tournament and the RSU team has suffered defeat in three matches against Jēkabpils Lūši/Ošukalns, FK RABA, and FC Petrow/Jelgava. The next match is scheduled to take place on 14 November. The most valuable players on the RSU/BAO Dobele team at the moment are Artūrs Mhitarjans and Pāvels Zagrebins.

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For more information about the RSU Sports Club, follow their accounts on Facebook and Instagram!