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Public Health

Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Health Day was held on 7 November 2019. During this day 62 RSU students and staff members, among them 22 first-time donors, donated a total of almost 28 litres of blood. The amount donated will help 186 people.

Besides donating blood, participants were welcome to undergo various health check-ups, during which medical students from various scientific student interest groups offered to check blood pressure, test blood glucose and oxygen levels, and test vision and eye pressure. Anyone interested had the opportunity to undergo a depression and anxiety screening, learn about cervical and breast cancer risk factors and how to perform a breast self-examination. For the first time during an HIV information booth was organised where RSU students and members of the Latvian Medical Students’ Association (LMSA) debunked myths and shared facts about HIV.

RSU Health Day was held for the eighth time this year. The event takes place twice a year – in April and November. Health Day has been widely attended by RSU staff members as well as local and international students. The scientific student interest groups at RSU have always been active participants – this time obstetrics and gynaecology, therapy, ophthalmology and psychiatry interest groups participated, as well as the HIV information booth organised by LMSA members.