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For Students

The closing event of the Researcher Academy took place on Wednesday, 5 February. Held for the second year, this project organised by the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Alumni Association is aimed at strengthening students’ research capacity. The event celebrated participants who have successfully acquired knowledge in seminars and lectures since the beginning of the academic year. Part of the research carried out within the framework of the project has been submitted to the annual RSU International Student Conference Health and Social Sciences 2020 and other international conferences.

Researcher Academy was created in the previous academic year to promote research and scientific activity among 1st - 4th year students. 195 student applications were submitted this year by students from the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Rehabilitation, Pharmacy and Public Health and Social Welfare and 72 participants were admitted to the project. At the end of the project, more than two thirds of participants received their certificates. Several lectures on fundamental research issues and practical seminars were held during the project. At the seminars students had the opportunity to draft research papers on topics of their choice guided by mentors. Several research papers were submitted to international scientific conferences.

‘We are truly glad to see so many students willing to gain knowledge on the process and nature of carrying out scientific research.’

‘I believe we have achieved the goal of providing young researchers with fundamental knowledge. This year, we managed to introduce a new concept –  students were able to prepare their research papers during the project under the guidance of highly qualified Latvian experts and scientists,’ says Iveta Baiba Dzīvīte, the Researcher Academy’s Project Manager.

Artūrs Kaļva, Executive Director of the RSU Alumni Association, emphasises the importance of the project in developing research: ‘We have created a new platform that not only provides students with fundamental knowledge about research, but also encourages them to take their first steps. The Researcher Academy offers students a way to enter the world of research by allowing young researchers to use their theoretical knowledge in practice under the guidance of experienced mentors. I am grateful to all the mentors who share their time and knowledge to support and encourage young researchers!’

Participants also expressed their appreciation for the project.

‘The Researcher Academy is a great project for everyone, especially those in their first year of studies. It offers a concise and informative insight into the research process along with the opportunity to hear the stories and views of senior researchers and be able to to present a research paper in front of a jury and an audience,’ says Beāte Vasioleka, 4th year student at the Faculty of Medicine sharing her impressions of the project.

The project will continue next year.