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Traditional Events
For Students

On 28 November, the Language Centre organised Language Afternoon, which has already become a steady tradition. The aim of this event is to promote a willingness to learn new languages and become acquainted with the traditions and culture of other countries.

At Rīga Stradiņš University, many different languages are spoken on a daily basis. While studying and working in a multicultural environment, we can truly appreciate how important foreign language skills are, because, as we all know, language is a bridge to learning other cultures, traditions and values.

RSU students, who acquire foreign languages at the Language Centre, showed their German, French, Spanish, Latvian and Russian skills in a creative way. This time, the programme of the Language Afternoon was very extensive thanks to the responsive students of the Faculty of European Studies (FES), the Faculty of Communication (FC), the Faculty of Law (FL) and the International Student Department (ISD). Students had prepared musical performances, videos, poetry visualisations, as well as gastronomic performances – food tasting. 7th semester ISD student, Dinesh Kumar Alandur Baskar from India introduced visitors of the event to the diversity of languages in India, whereas 6th semester student Jedidiah Viswaz Solomon Prabahar shared his impressions on living in Latvia, pleasantly surprising with his excellent command of Latvian. Event attendees had a chance to engage in interactive games – quizzes, created by the students. A guest of the event was a Mexican studying in Rīga, who enriched the Language Afternoon with a brief narration about Mexico in Spanish.

We would like to express our gratitude to all for their participation and for providing creative ideas for the organisation and implementation of this event!