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Nordplus is a Nordic and Baltic student and teacher exchange programme through which students and teachers can spend an exchange period in Nordic and Baltic partner higher education institutions.

The basis of Nordplus cooperation are networks formed between universities. These networks can apply for operational funding that is then distributed. The Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare is a member of the Nordman network that includes educational establishments from Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden and Finland.

Nordman is a network to promote exchange of experiences and ideas within subject areas of Nursing and Health Care. The network consists of nine Nordic and Baltic higher education institutions.

The Nordman network is supported by Nordplus Higher Education Programme (Nordplus HE). Every year the network is provides teacher and student mobility supported by grant from Nordplus HE. The ambition is to increase student mobility in theoretical studies. Seven network courses have been organized by the network since 1998, all supported by Nordplus HE.