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Creation of the methodology for effects of natural antioxidants on development of diabetes mellitus complications (ANTIOKSDIABET)

Project/agreement No.
ES 09-10E
Project funding
115 822.00 EUR
Project realization
08.05.2009. - 30.06.2011.


Create a new methodology for the use of thenatural antioxidant – Green tea and Ginko biloba leaf extract to prevent complications of diabetes mellitus (DM) and control its development


Identification and evaluation of individual biochemical parameters characterising oxidative stress and the antioxidative status in patients suffering from chronic DM before and after use of Green tea and Ginko biloba leaf extract

Project partners

  • Endocrinological Clinic Kaunas University Of Medicine (Lithuania)
  • Endocrinological Institute Kaunas University Of Medicine (Lithuania)
  • Joint-stock Company ACONITUM (Lithuania)
  • Joint-stock SANITAS (Lithuania)
  • Joint Stock Company GRINDEKS (Latvia)
  • Rīga Stradiņš University/Laboratory Of Biochemistry (Latvia)