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State Performance and Biosocial Relatedness (RELATE.LV)

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
194 350.00 EUR
Project realization
01.12.2018. - 01.12.2020.


The main goal of RELATE.LV is to provide uniquely detailed empirically based understanding of the interplay between biosocial relatedness (kinship) and the way nation state is “done” or performed.


The project is based on a theoretical assumption whereby the state is discursively constituted and brought into being, i.e., performed. This project combines recent advancements in theory of kinship in complex societies and the theory of state performance, thus probing into the unexplored core of contemporary state.

During the course of 24 months researchers will gather and analyse data through ethnographic field work, public texts and interviews across Latvia to gain insight in 5 different dimensions including everyday life, bureaucratic encounters, exploring genealogical past and challenges brought about by new genetic developments.

The results will further theoretical understanding of the phenomenon of contemporary state as well as provide grounds for adjusting the formal structure of the state to informally existing presuppositions and practices.

Project phases

  1. Research platform development
  2. Data gathering and analysis
  3. Theoretical and practical implications
  4. Publication and dissemination