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Accredited medical laboratory according to ISO:15189 standard with LATAK-633-2020 accreditation certificate, within the framework of which part of its examinations are accredited.

The Scientific Laboratory of Molecular Genetics conducts research on the genetic causes of diseases and their characteristics, especially in the field of rare diseases, the use of biomarkers in diagnostics and prognosis of the course of diseases.

The laboratory provides students, residents and doctoral students with the opportunity to develop scientific research works.

The laboratory cooperates with various partners both in Latvia (Genome database of Latvian population, Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital, Children Clinical University Hospital etc.) and abroad (Institute of Molecular Genetics of Russian Academy of Science; Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Hereditary Pathology etc.)


Research Areas

  • Rare monogenic disorders
    • Cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis)
    • Wilson disease
    • Apha-1-antitrypsin deficiency
    • Kennedy disease
    • Ornithine transcarbamilase deficit
    • Crigler0Najjar syndrom etc.
  • Monogenic pathologies
    • Gilbert syndrome
    • HFE-related hereditary haemochromatosis
  • Multifactorial pathologies
    • Infertility
    • Myeloproliferative disorders (JAK2, CALR, MPL gene allelic variants)

Research is conducted with permission from the Central Medical Ethics Committee.



  • DNA isolation from different biological materials
  • Quantitative and qualitative measurements of DNA quality
  • Sequencing service:
    • Direct sequencing
    • Fragment analysis / microsatellite analyses
  • Genotyping
    • Direct sequencing
    • qPCR, HRM, TaqMan

Pathogenic varint detection in following disorders

  • Cystic fibrosis (most frequent causative variant and whole CFTR gene sequencing)
  • Wilson's disease (most frequent causative variant and whole ATP7B gene sequencing)
  • Myeloproliferative neoplasia (JAK2  gene V617F variant, CALR gene  9th exon ind/del analysis)
  • Inherited thrombophilia (F5 gene G1691A variant, F2 (protrombine) gene G20210A variant, MTHFR gene C677T and A1298C variant analysis)
  • Male infertility (Y chromosome microdeletion analysis)


  • ERDF project No. 2014/0048/2DP/ Development of a new method for the detection of genetic variations significant in reproduction. Project manager: I. Kempa. Duration: 2014-2015
  • ERDF project No KC-PI-2017/24 Test for detection of infertility genetic causes. Project manager: L. Gailīte. Duration: 2017-2020
Grants by the Latvian Council of Science & Fundamental and Applied Research Projects


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Diagnostic Services


NameTime (working days)*
DNA isolation from peripheral blood with EDTA anticoagulant10
DNA analyses
Cystic fibrosis – Detection of dF508 and dele 2,3 in CFTR gene10
Cystic fibrosis – Sequencing of the coding part of the CFTR gene60
Male infertility (azoospermia) – Analysis of AZFa, AZFb and AZFc regions20
Inherited thrombophilia – Detection of (FV) Leiden G1691A and (FII) Prothrombin G20210A20
Risk factors for thrombophilia – Detection of C677T and A1298C in MTHFR gene20
Myeloproliferative neoplasia – Detection of p.V617F variant in JAK2 gene60

For other genetic testing options, contact mgzlatrsu[pnkts]lv

* Times apply only to paid analyses / times for analyses performed in the framework of a scientific cooperation are longer. All deadlines can be extended due to the current state of emergency.

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