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Is Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) a private or public university?

RSU is a public state-founded and state-recognized higher educational establishment implementing state-accredited study programmes (in conformity with the EC Directives) that are subjected to regular re-accreditation procedures.

Is RSU on the list of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organization?

RSU is listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools.

Is RSU accredited by the EU? Are the degrees acquired at RSU recognised in the EU and the EEA member states?

There is no centralised EU accreditation for Universities in Europe. The Universities, including RSU are accredited locally by the Ministry of Education and Science with international experts present. RSU study programmes receive official accreditation every six years. In addition, all RSU study programmes in regulated professions, including Medicine and Dentistry, are developed according to EU directives on regulated professions.

Secondly, since Latvia is an EU member state since 2004, The Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region, usually referred to as the Lisbon Convention, applies also to Latvian universities, including RSU. Besides, many others, the main point of the Lisbon Convention is as follows: holders of qualifications issued in one EU member state shall have adequate access to an assessment of these qualifications in another EU member state.

EC Directives to be considered are as follows:

In short - being an officially accredited state University plus the Lisbon Convention ensures that qualification obtained in RSU is recognised in all EU and EEA member states.

Are degrees acquired at RSU recognised outside the EU and EEA?

Degrees acquired at RSU are accredited in a number of non-EU/EEA countries. Recognition of education obtained abroad is done by ENIC/NARIC in each specific country. Please see here for the relevant institutions and/or contact the Medical Council of the country you are interested practicing in.

What is the equivalent of MD degree in the UK?

The degree acquired at RSU (MD) is equivalent to MBBS and one year of internship in the UK.

Is it possible to transfer to/from RSU?

It is possible to transfer to RSU from any other university. 

After submitting a complete application the director of the respective study programme will review the relevant academic documents for transfer and the compatibility to the RSU study programme the applicant wants to transfer to. The subjects are eligible for credit transfer if the following criteria are met - subjects have:

  • The same or higher number of credit points (ECTS) for the subject in question;
  • Equivalent subject content.

More information on the RSU website section - Transfer students.

I have an MD degree from a non-EU country, but I wish to obtain a degree recognised in the EU and EEA. Can I do that at RSU?

Due to EU and EEA regulations no study/credit transfer is possible to RSU from a university outside the EU/EEA zone. Thus, you can acquire a degree recognised in the EU and EEA only if you study the entire degree programme (for instance, bachelor study programme Medicine is a six-year programme). 

If you do not wish to receive the RSU MD diploma, but are interested in master studies, please be informed that master studies at RSU are held in Latvian language. If you do not know the Latvian language skills on high level, you cannot undergo specialisation at RSU.

Are there any additional costs apart from the tuition fee?

  • There is an application fee of EUR 100.00, which is non-refundable and to be paid once when applying for studies.
  • In addition, once you have been officially enrolled, you must pay:
    • A registration administration fee of EUR 1500.00 (non-refundable), payable in accordance with the provisions of International Study and Research Fund LLC, a daughter enterprise and partner of RSU. The registration administration fee is not required form master study programme students. 

Do I receive any money back if I interrupt my studies at RSU?

It is possible to receive a part of the tuition fee back, which will be calculated individually depending on how long you have studied, however, it shall not exceed the amount set in the study contract. For more information, please see here.

Do I need to buy all the books that are given in the book-list before starting my studies at RSU?

The book-list contains all recommended books, but it is not necessary to buy them. You can start the studies, discuss with your professors which books will be essentially needed and purchase the necessary books during the first month of the studies.

Your own copy of an Anatomy Atlas (with Latin terminology) is a mandatory requirement.

A limited number of books is available at RSU Library.

What if I do not pass an exam the first time?

If you do not pass an exam with the first try, you can ask for prolongation of the examination period and sit the exam one more time. If you do not pass it the second time, the course must be repeated individually during the next upcoming semester. During this "repeating semester" you study only those subjects that you have failed and pay accordingly only for the subjects you study.

Repeating a semester also means that you cannot continue your studies together with your group mates and fall one semester behind. Therefore, passing each and every subject is mandatory to continue your studies without interruptions.