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Application Preparation

When applying for studies, please follow the requirements of the Application Guide to ensure that your digital application is complete and all the supporting documents have been prepared.

Full applications must include all of the required supporting digital documents. Partially completed applications are not accepted! If an incomplete digital application is received, RSU International Admissions Office will check and register your application and will contact you regarding the missing document(s) to be submitted by the application deadline.

Application Submission

When the application is complete and submitted, send an e-mail to admissionsatrsu[pnkts]lvtarget="_blank" with your online application NUMBER (your digital application page, top right corner) and your NAME, SURNAME. This will allow us to process your application. Once we have checked and registered your digital application, we will send you an email about your application. For any inquiries, please contact us via admissionsatrsu[pnkts]lv.

Make sure that you submit your application and upload all application documents onto the online application system in time! The RSU International Admissions Committee may NOT review digital applications that are submitted after the specified application deadline - the date by which the digital applications have to be registered on the RSU's online application system.

Decisions on Study Places

The decision of the RSU International Admissions Committee about the study place offer/rejection will be announced within two months after receiving a complete digital application. We take decisions on study places on rolling basis. In the beginning of the admission process the decisions are taken once a month. Later in the admission process the decisions are more frequent – every two weeks or even every week. Thus, if you apply early and submit all necessary application documents, you would get an early answer. 

We will send you an e-mail with the official RSU decision about the study place and with respective official RSU letters attached to the e-mail address specified in your online application. 

RSU Application Document Forms

We request for motivation letter and two recommendation letters to be prepared on RSU official forms, signed with original (handwritten) signatures and uploaded onto the online application system.

Please see below the RSU official application document forms.