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This loan is intended to cover the tuition fee of the accredited study programme. The loan cannot exceed the amount of the tuition fee determined by RSU and/or the maximum amount of study loan for study programmes determined by the state annually.

For more information, see the Regulations No. 220 of the Cabinet of Ministers “Procedures for the Allocation, Repayment and Cancellation of a Study Loan and Student Loan from the Resources of Credit Institutions with the Government Guarantee”

Important to know!

  1. The requested loan amount may differ from the amount actually allocated – this is regulated by The Maximum Amount of Study Loans for Study Programmes in 2019.
  2. In the autumn semester (at the end of September) and at the beginning of spring semester (at the end of February), the RSU Loan Granting Commission will announce the results.
  3. Note that that new borrowers will receive their first loan payment from the bank only starting from the second or third month of the semester. This means that you will have to pay the tuition fee for the full semester. After the bank transfers the study loan for the respective semester into the university account, it will stay on the RSU account until the next semester payment, upon which you will only have to add the additional part of the semester fee to complete the full tuition fee stated in your study contract. 

The government has authorised SEB to grant Study loans with the government guarantee 

On January 26, 2017 the Ministry of Finance announced SEB to be the winner of the auction for the rights to grant Study loans with a government guarantee in 2017. SEB was the only participant in this auction. 

In 2017, SEB was authorised to grant study loans with guarantees issued on behalf of the state for the total sum of 25,200,000 EUR with the interest rate of six-month EURIBOR rate plus 2.5%.

SEB website 

Documents to be submitted to the Loan Granting Commission
  • application form (see below)
  • copy of passport/ID card
  • copy of your study contract
  • copies of the documents issued by the state or local authorities confirming special social conditions (if applicable)
  • copy of the transcript of records, for first year students – your high school diploma
  • copy of your OCMA papers (residence permit and Latvian ID, if requested) after completing the immigration process in Latvia
Evaluation of application

RSU Loan Granting Commission shall evaluate your application within 10 working days. 

The decision regarding the allocation of student loans shall be published on Universum, omitting the personal data of the applicant. More information about each decision: Scholarship and loan administrator, student information maintenance and development unit (MD SIUAN).  

Conclusion of agreements and guarantee
  • In the autumn semester, you will be able to conclude loan agreements with the bank until 1 December. Take into consideration that the bank will make the first loan payments to new borrowers for the autumn semester only in the second half of semester.
  • In the spring semester, you will be able to conclude loan agreements until 1 June. The bank will make the first payments at the end of May. The payment date depends on the time of conclusion of the loan agreement.
  • For loan security, guarantee of a natural person or local government is required. While considering your guarantor, take into account the following information: upon presentation of respective documents, orphans and children left without parental care (up to 24 years of age) can receive a loan without guarantor (in this case, the loan is 100 % government guaranteed):
    • a natural person in this case is considered to be a person not older than 65 years having regular income equal to at least one minimum wage
    • the guarantor may provide a guarantee for several loans of their children, if the monthly income of this person constitutes at least one minimum monthly wage multiplied by the respective number of students to whom the guarantee is provided
    • if the guarantor him/herself has a loan, the guarantor can provide a guarantee for a student only if the monthly sum of this person for repayment of the loan does not exceed 40 % of the guarantor’s total monthly income

For more information see SEB homepage

Suspension of study loan payments

Payment of the study loan is suspended if the student

  • is on academic leave
  • fails to meet the obligations (e.g., repeatedly within a semester)
  • is exmatriculated

Important to know!

Once a student has given permission, RSU prepares and sends amendments of loans to the Administration of Studies and Science in the following cases:

  • payment of the loan has been suspended (i.e., the student has been expelled) and the student has resumed studies;
  • a tuition discount for the whole study process has been granted;
  • the student starts attending another education institution;
  • the title of the study programme or study type has been altered.

The student-borrower must go to the bank only if the tuition fee is altered and the student must sign a new Study Contract. The university shall inform the student about the deadline for going to the bank.

Repayment terms for study loan

  • During the studies (including academic leave), the study loan is an interest-free loan.
  • Estimation of loan repayment (principal amount of the loan) and the interest is started in the twelfth month after graduating or the third month after terminating the studies.
  • The loan interest is estimated each month from the balance of the total amount of the study loan.
  • If the total amount of the loans is less than 1,432 EUR, the loans must be repaid within five years (1/5 of the total amount must be paid each year). If the total amount of loans exceeds 1,432 EUR, the loans must be repaid within 10 years (1/10 of the total amount must be paid each year).
  • If the borrower has been excluded from the student list, when repaying the loan they shall pay the full annual interest rate set by the bank or 5 % rate, if the full interest rate of the bank is less than 5 % per year.
  • The term of the loan itself and the repayment of the loan can be extended and negotiated if the student-borrower is on maternity leave. 

For more information:

Where else can I get a loan for studies?

If you failed to receive a loan with the government guarantee, you may apply for a commercial loan with the following Latvian banks: Nordea, SEB banka and Swedbank.

More information: (LAT) and (LAT).