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According to Covid-19 social distancing recommendations, students, staff, and library moving online and working remotely until 8th of November. This article contains short guidelines on how to find e-databases, how to renew your loanded and issued resources online. Also visit this article to learn more about RSU Library. To find latest information visit RSU Library Facebook page. Hope you find this article interesting!

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I want to extend loaned and issued resources via MyRSU

You can extend loaned and issued resources using MyRSU Student Portal. To do so, click on Primo Search tile (on magnifying glass icon).


After that when Primo Search is open, on the righ upper corner click on "Sign in" and enter your Student e-mail and password. Then click on user menu and choose My Loans. 



On the other hand, a list of items that have been issued appears and can be extended. Press to Renew.


The new deadline will appear or if the renewal limit is reached, message will appear.

I have received message that I have reached renewal limit. What shall I do?

In order to renew book you need to call  67061521 or send an email to bibliotekaatrsu[pnkts]lv.

Where I search for RSU e-databases? 

In order to access subscribed databases, you need to log in to MyRSU Student portal. 

Under the Study sources search for tile named "E-databases". Click on it. 

The list of RSU subscribed e-databases will open, each section contain link, logo and description.




Can I browse my search history in the Primo Search?

Yes, you can browse your search history in the Primo Search. To do that, you need to open Primo and click to “Sign in.” Then under User menu, click on “Search History”.

You can save your searches to take a look at them again (then look for them under “Saved searches”) and you can also delete them.


How can I pick up reserved resources in a library?

In order to pick up borrowing books, students need to make reservation. Contact library:

  • e-mail to: bibliotekaatrsu[pnkts]lv 
  • call to: +371 67061521.

More information about availability of Library Services read here

How can I return books while study process occurs remotely?

For book returns, use the book drop box:

  1. at the entrance of RSU Main Building at 16 Dzirciema iela
  2. by the entrance of the Information Centre for Health Care Professionals on 5 J. Asara iela;
My app does not show me borrowed resources, what do I do?

If you notice that on library tile there is an error message “Can not load library data”, you will need to write an service request using the RSU Help Desk System: or email to itatrsu[pnkts]lv. For assistance to be performed as fast as possible, please provide your name, surname and student ID number.

E-databases on my Student portal do not work, what do I do?

Always make sure you visit the databases via MyRSU Student Portal (just as described above). In this situation, you will need to write an service request using the RSU Help Desk System: or email to itatrsu[pnkts]lv. For assistance to be performed as fast as possible, please provide which database is not working and, if possible, send screenshots with an error message.