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Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Liepāja branch is the place where for over 70 years various health care professionals have been trained. 

Currently the RSU Liepāja branch offers first level professional higher education in health care, offering the following programmes: Medical massage, Nursing, Physicians' Assistant and Health Sport Specialist with approximately 200 students enrolled. Health care specialists may also choose the Bachelor's study programme Nursing and the Master's study programme Nursing.

Study programmes Nursing and Health Sport Specialist offered at RSU Liepāja branch are identical in terms of content to the study programmes that are offered at RSU in Rīga. Following placement, most students start working in the same health care institutions where placement was completed. 


The study process is organised on the basis of interactive organisation of the study process, the integration of scientific innovations into the study process and regular scientific research works of our students and academic staff. 

So far RSU Liepaja branch has not implemented studies in foreign languages. But in case of interest, studies can be provided in the English language in all study programmes offered by the school.

Study programmes

Study programmeHead of study programmeStudy levelDuration of studiesStudy type
NursingGunta BētaProfessional Bachelor’s4 yearsFull-time studies
NursingGunta Bēta1st level professional higher education3 yearsFull-time studies
NursingKristaps CircenisMaster's2 yearsFull-time studies
PsychologySandra MihailovaProfessional Bachelor's4 yearsFull-time studies
Physicians' AssistantGunta Bēta1st level professional higher education3 yearsFull-time studies
Health Care Specialist (qualification: Fitness coach)Dina Berloviene1st level professional higher education2 yearsPart-time studies
Medical MassageDina Berloviene1st level professional higher education2 yearsFull-time studies