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Work experience

2010 - Present

Docent p.i.

Public Health and Social Welfare Department, RSU Liepaja Branch

- manage lectures and classes​

- preparing study materials

- insert the studies materials in e-studies

- organization tests and exams​

2006 - Present


Inga Peterman pediatric medical practice

- to carry out pediatric treatment and prevention​

2005 - Present


Liepaja University

-make lecturing duties, manage lectures students​

1998 - 2010


Liepaja Medical School

2011 - 2012


State social care center "Kurzeme" branch "Liepaja"

2004 - 2008


Liepaja City Central Hospital

1998 - 2007

Montessori pedagogue, pediatrician

Liepaja Medicine College, a children's rehabilitation center "Get up, let's go!"

1996 - 1998


Vecliepaja Primary health care center

1995 - 1996

Doctor of schools

School Board of Liepaja City

1988 - 1995

Paediatric department manager; Pediatrician

Liepaja Children Out- of- Patient Clinics

1986 - 1987

Pediatrician- internist

Liepaja Children Hospital

Education and training

2003 - 2005

Master’s degree of Education

Liepaja Pedagogical Academy of Liepaja (Latvia)

2000 - 2002

Study Program of Montessori Special Pedagogy, qualification of the Montessori special pedagogue

Liepaja Pedagogical Academy

1980 - 1986

Medical Doctor’s Diploma- Pediatrician

Riga Medicine Institute, Faculty of pediatrics;


Continuing education a.o. qualification upgrade

2016-03-11 EN 2016 / 1281-109195 LAP conference "Stress the child's life - clinical aspects." 8KP

2016-05-13 EN 2016 / 1425-116015 LAP conference "The child coughs" 8KP

2015-01-30 LV2015 / 750-84471 LAP conference "Events for children astroenteroloģijā - opposites, myths and ..." 8KP

2015-03-13 LV2015 / 916-87457 BKUS, RSU, LPA, Inc. endocrinologist association conference "Overweight problems in children" 8KP

2015-03-27 LV2015 / 923-88488 LAP conference "Children's mental health '8KP

2015-04-15 "Grow healthy! Child nutrition: a guide from 0 to 18-year-old child nutrition"

2015-05-22 LV2015 / 1003-91577 LPA Conference "A child with atopy. The most common childhood infectious GP practice"

2015-08-21 LV2015 / 1026-96153 "3rd Baltic States Congress of Pediatrics". 24KP

2015-10-02 LV2015 / 1099-98082 LAP conference "LOR events children's. Children's events in ophthalmology" 8KP

23/10/2015. "PAL Febrilitāte and respiratory tract inflammation in children. Seasonal topicality pediatrics". 4KP

03/13/2014. 2014/0758 RSU "Clinical Immunology in various medical fields". 7KP

04/25/2014. T2014 / 430- 1974 PAL "Outpatient pediatric issues at stake. 8KP

05/17/2014. Family center "Liepa" "Movement and playing development from first to third year of life". 6KP

09/26/2014. MT2014 / 476- 7951 PAL "The changes in immunization procedures teenagers". 8KP

10/10/2014. LAB "New diagnostic and treatment methods for Latvian children's health improving" 7KP

13/11/2014. 14175 LAB "Children infectious diseases, their diagnosis, principles of treatment and care in outpatient practice". 23KP

2014-11-14 LV2014 / 656-82416 PAL and LNB conference "Newborns and infants first 3 months" 8KP

2014-12-12 LV2014 / 656-82416 PAL conference "Diagnostic and treatment algorithms for pediatric practice" 8KP

08/02/2013. 2013/0835 RSU "Pain and fever in children". 5 KP

05/11/2013. TIP2013 / 15 PAL "Pediatric allergy problems". 2,7KP

01/06/2013. 35685 European Social Fund "The latest trends and technologies for infusion therapy und parenteral nutrition principles". 24KP

09/25/2013. 2013/2930 RSU "Gender differentiation disorders in children." 8KP

26/10/2013. TIP2013 / 10- 61 PAL" Schoolpeople health". 3,7KP

02/11/2013. TIP / 2013 PAL "Primary child health care". 4KP

20/11/2013. TIP2013 / 11- 35 Glaxo Smith Kline "Vaccination calendar 2014. Cervical cancer, primary and secondary prevention options". 2,7KP

06/12/2013. 2013/4046 RSU " Care of prematurely born babies". 8KP

07/12/2013. TIP2013 / 12- 20 PAL "Rational medicines for children". 3,7KP

28.01.2012. PAL" Innovative aspects of pediatric". 8KP

01/02/2012. KP2012 / 2- 38 Merck Sharp & Dohna Latvia"Llumbar spine pain in outpatient practice. Diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines. Real-life studies. Improvement of well-being and forecasts!" 2 KP

30/03/2012. KP2012 / 2- 58 LAB "Practical recommendations for children with food allergies. Wheezing, diagnosis. differential diagnosis, therapy. Polinoze- behind this? Inhaler for use in children". 3,11KP

09/29/2012. PAL "Celiac disease diagnostics in Latvia. The latest guidelines for the diagnosis of celiac for cfildren. Celiaki social aspects. Children with cerebral paralytic and spasticity treatment options in Latvia". 5KP

13/10/2012. 32429 LAB "Of evidence-based drugs selection in medical practice". 25KP

27/10/2012. PAL "Calcium metabolism in children. Drugs be released in breast milk. Postpartum depresija. News in child dermatology". 8KP

09/11/2012. 2012/3966 RSU "Actuality- how best to motivate your child". 10CP

19/03/2011. PAL "Arthritis in children". 8KP

16/042011. PAL "Abdominal surgical topical children". 8KP

30/04/2011. 092T/11 Latvian Christian Academy "Anthropological dimension of palliative care". 8KP

21/05/2011. PAL "Nutrition and nutritional supplements for children's health care". 8KP

29/10/2011. PAL" Orthopaedics and rehabilitation facilities for children". 8KP

23/01/2010. PAL "Lung diseases in children" 10 CP

26/03/2010. 022,953 RSU "Pediatrija- youngest child disease diagnosis and treatment". 40KP

27/03/2010. PAL "Arthralgia differential children". 8KP

24/04/.2010. PAL "Vaccination role in children's health care. Seasonal topicality pediatrijā". 8KP

03/06/2010. LPGA"Recent trends in infant gastroenterology". 2,5KP

24/09/2010. PAL "Events pediatric" 6CP

27/10/2010. 13226 LAB "Children's Mental Health". 12CP

Head of the study programme

Rīga Stradiņš University, academic Bachelor's study programme "International Marketing and Advertising"

Supervised study course

Clinical pharmacology

Qualification practice

Qualification work

State exam




Head of study course

Clinical pharmacology



Accident and injury prevention in child care (continuing education program for nurses, nursing assistants, physician assistants, registered in the Latvian Nurses Association 03.2013. 8Kst)

Lectured study course

Clinical Pharmacology

Propaedeutics and Radiological Diagnostics​




Qualification work

Qualification practice

Supervised and reviewed student research papers


qualification papers: 19


qualification papers: 21

bachelor's works: 4​


2014 - up till now

The study program "Physician Assistant" head of Quality board of Riga Stradins University

Awards and recognitions

2015: RSU "Certificate of Recognition".​


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