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Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) will host the annual RSU International Student Conference 'Health and Social Sciences' on 27 and 28 March 2020. This will be the 70th iteration of the largest international student conference in the Baltics! The conference will bring together domestic and international students, experienced participants and professionals from the field. The leader of this year's conference is Marija Luīze Kalniņa, a 5th-year student from the Faculty of Medicine. She aims for the grand anniversary to be celebrated with a conference of unprecedented scope and innovation.

The conference is organised by the RSU Student Council with the aim of promoting students' interest in science, provide a venue for sharing their experiences and, of course, for networking and making new contacts. ‘Developing one’s scientific work should not just be considered something mandatory, but rather as an opportunity for one's professional development and as a tool for researching all possible causal links,’ says RSU Student Council’s Head of Science, Sintija Kukaine.

The International Student Conference has always been an event that challenges participants to exceed their limits, whether it's through organising the event itself, by presenting research, or by learning new skills in the various workshops. ‘Challenging yourself to dare to aim higher and exceed their own expectations is what I wish for both the organising committee, and all RSU students to do,’ says Kalniņa. The International Student Conference in 2019 was a breakthrough event that gathered more than 2000 participants - 300 active and 1800 passive. It was managed by Ulrika Ulla Andersone, a student from the Faculty of Medicine: ‘It is gratifying to be able to pass on the knowledge of this ambitious project, with the additions and innovations we made during my year, to the next organiser who will be able to add and improve on it.’

Over the two days of the conference participants will have the opportunity to attend several social science as well as healthcare sections. This year's programme will also offer larger master classes where participants will be able to try their hand at various medical manipulations. The conference program is designed to ensure that each participant will acquire new knowledge, skills and experience, as well as that every guest of the city will get acquainted with a small part of Riga and with Latvian culture.

The 2020 RSU International Student Conference will bring together science enthusiasts and a diverse group of young people from all over the world. Everyone is welcome to the guest lectures and workshops!

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