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This month Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU), along with other European educational institutions, participated in the European Commission's Erasmus Days initiative. To recognise the Erasmus+ programme at the university, RSU's International Department has published a collection of recipes, Erasmus+ Culinary Journey.

This publication contains recipes of traditional dishes prepared by alumni of the Erasmus+ programme at the university. In the publication, RSU's lecturers, as well as students and residents share their favourite recipes from their host countries. These recipes range from light Mediterranean appetizers to fully flavoured Tyrolean desserts.

"Erasmus means different things to different people. Upon their return, RSU graduates say that they had acquired new academic and professional knowledge, enriched their intercultural skills, made new friends, learned a foreign language, and developed other life-long learning skills. But, above all, there is one experience that is recalled by every Erasmus alumni – a delicious meal shared with fellow students and colleagues from other countries. As Erasmus Day approached, the International Department decided to collect these memories by asking people to send in their favourite recipes," says Baiba Pētersone, Director of the International Department.

RSU has participated in the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme since 2013. During this time, almost 1,200 students and 765 academic and administrative staff have visited various RSU partner universities. RSU  currently has 213 such partner universities in Europe and beyond.