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For Students
For RSU Employees

On Friday, 8 October, the Rector of Riga Stradiņš University (RSU) issued a decree clarifying how in-person studies would be able to take place safely starting from Monday, 11 October.

  • From 11 October, only people who hold an interoperable (with QR code) certificate proving vaccination or recovery, wear a face mask (except when alone in a room) and keep a safe distance from others can participate in in-person studies. Studies and related services at the university and at the student hostels will take place on site in an epidemiologically safe environment.
  • If a person has received approval from a panel of medical experts of a clinical university hospital regarding the need to postpone their vaccination against COVID-19, with a specified deadline for the postponement. An exception can be made by individual decree relating to the person concerned and individual epidemiological safety measures can be set.
  • When a case of COVID-19 is confirmed among teaching staff or students, measures shall be taken in accordance with the current conditions specified in laws and regulations and the recommendations of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (hereinafter - the CDPC). 
  • A fully vaccinated or recovered person (with the appropriate certificate) shall not need to self-isolate after coming into contact with a person with a confirmed COVID-19 infection, but they are required to undergo a RNA test within seven days. If the test result is positive, the person has to self-isolate. If different procedures for self-isolate are established in accordance with the CDPC recommendations or by laws and regulations, these will be observed instead.
  • In assessing the epidemiological situation and by taking into account the specific nature of a study programme, the Dean can decide that certain study courses or groups of students can conduct their studies online. The Dean has to communicate this decision to the study department.

Let's take care of our safety and the safety of those around us! May we all be in good health!