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This week from 18 to 21 June, the Great Hall in the central building of Rīga Stradiņš University on 16 Dzirciema iela is hosting nine graduation ceremonies, awarding diplomas to 1059 graduates, among them 112 international students. RSU is proud to award diplomas to 315 social sciences students, 577 young medical practitioners, dentists and healthcare specialists. The graduation ceremony of 55 healthcare specialists of the RSU Liepaja Branch will be held on 21 June at the Liepāja Olympic Centre.  

The marathon of RSU graduations will start by conferring diplomas to new medical specialists and dentists on 18 June at 12:00. Because of the high number of RSU international graduates, this is the first year that international students will have their own graduation ceremony which will be held on 18 June at 16:00. Along with new medical practitioners and dentists, this year we are truly proud to award a diploma to the first international graduate of the study programme Pharmacy.

The celebration of knowledge will continue at 12:00 on Tuesday, 19 June with the graduation ceremonies of the Faculty of Rehabilitation and the Faculty of Pharmacy, with graduates of the study programmes Dental Hygiene and Health Management also taking part.

195 medical nurses, midwives, nutrition specialists, supervisors, health psychologists, public health and social work specialists will receive their well-deserved diplomas this Tuesday, 19 June at 16:00, making the RSU Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare the largest in terms of graduate numbers.

The RSU graduation marathon will conclude with graduates of the Faculty of Social Sciences, a faculty that is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the upcoming academic year. This Wednesday, 20 June at 12:00 graduation caps will be thrown in the air by graduates of the Faculty of European Studies, among them graduates of two new programmes - this will be the first graduation ceremony for two undergraduate study programmes Startup Entrepreneurship and International Business and Sustainable Economy.  Graduates of the Faculty of Communication will receive their diplomas the same day at 16:00. The last graduates to receive their diplomas will be graduates of the Faculty of Law on 21 June at 12:00.

The graduation ceremony of 55 medical nurses, physician’s assistants and masseurs from the RSU Liepaja Branch will be held on 21 June at 14:00.

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