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Māris Cepurītis is a lecturer at the Department of Political Science inthe Faculty of European Studies at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU), a political scientist and an expert in international relations. Māris Cepurītis has just been appointed as the Adviser on National Security Affairs to the Prime Minister of Latvia, Krišjānis Kariņš.


Photo from the State Chancellery archive. Source:

‘Public and national security are the cornerstones of Latvian statehood. On the one hand Latvia is located in a comparatively stable region and our allies in the European Union and NATO are among the best developed and strongest countries in the world. On the other hand lessons from our history and political events over the last years indicate that there are countries and groups in the world that do not shrink from exploiting the vulnerabilities of these developed countries in order to achieve their objectives. This means that national security is a continuous process to reduce such vulnerabilities. As I undertake the duties of the Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security Affairs, I feel honoured and happy for the opportunity to put to use my knowledge and experience to use in helping to resolve issues that are so important for Latvia,’ Māris emphasised.

Lecturer Māris Cepurītis is the Head of the International Relations - European Studies Bachelor's study programme at RSU and a researcher at the Centre for East European Policy Studies. He was previously employed with the diplomatic service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Māris graduated with distinction from International Relations Master's study programme at RSU obtaining a Master's degree in international relations, he also has graduated from the Political Science doctoral study programme at RSU.