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For Students

The elections for the new board of the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Student Union (Studējošo pašpārvalde, SP) took place on 24 November.


RSU Student Union Board 2023

  • Chair of the Board: Elizabete Maija Liepa (Faculty of Medicine, 3rd year)
  • Head of Academic Affairs: Alise Luīze Bērziņa (Faculty of Medicine, 2nd year)
  • Deputy Head of Academic Affairs: Ēriks Kārlis Bašēns (Faculty of Medicine, 1st year)
  • Head of Foreign Affairs: Arta Hermane (Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare, 2nd year)
  • Head of Internal Cooperation and Human Resources: Inga Barvika (Faculty of Rehabilitation, 2nd year)
  • Head of Communications: Anastasija Šuļkovska (Faculty of Communication, 2nd year)
  • Deputy Head of Communications: Alise Savļaka (Faculty of Communication, 1st year)
  • Head of Culture and Sports: Paula Kārkliņa (Faculty of Rehabilitation, 2nd year)
  • Head of Social Affairs: Alise Agnese Rozentāle (Faculty of Law, 2nd year)
  • Head of International Affairs: Luīze Driķīte (Faculty of Medicine, 2nd year)
  • Head of Scientific Affairs: Līga Pūsepa (Faculty of Medicine, 3rd year)
  • Deputy Head of Scientific Affairs: Lība Vinšteina (Faculty of Medicine, 2nd year)

The new board thanks RSU students for their trust and will start its work on 1 January 2023.

The Chair of the Board, Elizabete Maija Liepa, who has been the Head of Foreign Affairs, will take over her duties on 1 December 2022.