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Cream for restoring barrier functions of skin (Stage I)

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
27 778.00 EUR, including 25 000 EUR ERDF funding, 2 778 EUR RSU co-funding.
Project realization
30.01.2018. - 27.07.2018.


The aim of the project is development and commercialisation of the cream for restoring barrier functions of skin for the patients with Metabolic Syndrome.



Stage I (6 months): Technical and economic feasibility study and development of commercialisation strategy (25 000 EUR);

1. Technical and economic feasibility study:

  • Study of available information about existing market, potential competitors, advantages of cream, regulatory issues, medical device registration requirements and cosmetic product registration requirements etc.
  • Consultations with stakeholders that could provide information on the market, on the necessity and validity of the new invention: associations, companies, developers, potential users (direct visits, presentations, discussions)
  • Determination of technology readiness level, preparation of development plan for cream
  • Development of potential commercialisation scenarios and economic calculations, by involving external experts if necessary

2. Development of commercialisation strategy, by attracting an external expert.