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Development of new natural immunomodulator compositions and their effectiveness research in oncological and viral diseases (II)

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
169 967.73 EUR, including 110 478.89 EUR ERDF funding, 42 492.65 EUR private funding and 16 996.21 EUR RSU co-funding
Project manager
Inese Slūka
Project realization
01.12.2010. - 30.11.2012.


Contribute to the improvement of the quality of public health and human life by developing preparations for faster rehabilitation of patients and strengthening of immunity after oncological and viral diseases

The specific objective of the project is to develop new compositions of natural immunomodulators and to research their efficacy in oncological and viral diseases


Activities of the project

  • Development of immunomodulator composition for oncology and virology
  • Introduction of TK method for oncological diseases diagnostics
  • Development of methodology for the application of developed compositions
  • Clinical observations of finished compositions in oncology and virology
  • Development of a method for cell cytoprotector and biological activity determination
  • Preparation of patents and publications on the results of the research
  • Ensuring project publicity