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Increase in energy efficiency of Rīga Stradiņš University buildings by reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in an environmentally friendly manner

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
1 340 188.74 EUR, including 854 370.49 EUR CCFI funding and 485 818.24 EUR RSU co-funding
Project manager
Asja Lunga
Project realization
27.01.2010. - 30.09.2011.


To complete building renovations which would improve their energy efficiency and integrate previous renovations and energy efficiency measures, thus ensuring maximum saving of energy resources


Activities of the project

  • Preparation and approval of an energy audit, engineering research report, construction project and technical documentation
  • Performing of reconstruction and/or simplified renovation works aimed at increasing energy efficiency. Complex thermal insulation renovation will be carried out within this scope: replacement of external enclosing structures of the buildings (insulation of the roofs, exterior walls, socle, floor structures), windows and entry nodes, and doors, decreasing the window area and renovation of engineering communications
  • Reconstruction and simplified renovation works aimed at increasing energy efficiency will be carried out in five university buildings: RSU Science Hub “Kleisti” (Rātsupītes Street 5); RSU Sports Hall (Fr. Brīvzemnieka Street 24); three-storey educational building (Kronvalda Boulv. 9); RSU students hotels (Mārupes Street 17 and Mārupes Street 17/1)
  • Construction monitoring and author supervision of project implementation
  • Verification of enclosing structures of the building in the construction stage, pressure test and thermal photography
Photo gallery

Before and after...

      P5145725.jpg  DSC06866.JPG

Science Hub "Kleisti" at 5 Rātsupītes Street, Riga

      KPFI_kr9.jpg  DSC06837.JPG

Educational building at 9 Kronvalda Boulv. 9, Riga

     P3127635.jpg br24.jpg

Sports Hall at 24 Fr. Brīvzemnieka Street, Riga


      12092011504.jpg  m17.jpg

University hotel at 17 Mārupes Street, Riga

      m17a2.jpg  m17a1.jpg

University hotel at 17/1 Mārupes Street, Riga