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TEN D BY NIGHT (Dark, Dance, Disco, Dose, Drugs, Drive, Danger, Damage, Disability, Death)

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
69 507.00 EUR, European Commission funding
Project realization
01.03.2008. - 28.02.2010.


Identify the extent of alcohol and psychoactive substance consumption in young people's leisure areas, define a common European approach to prevent road accidents involving young people who spend their free time consuming alcohol and psychoactive substances


Project activities

  • Identify the association between the consumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances by young people, the driving of a motor vehicle and road accidents

  • Increase the awareness of young people about the consumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances and the driving of a motor vehicl
  • Ensure dissemination of explanatory information

Project partners

  • Department of Public Health, University of Torino (Italy) 
  • Company „S &T”, European Projects Department (Italy) 
  • Organisation „Safe Driver”, Road Traffic Safety Department (Poland) 
  • NGO „MADD Sweden” (Sweden)
  • University of Valencia, Transport and Road Traffic Institute Interdisciplinary Research Group INTRAS, (Spain)
  • RSU Faculty of Public Health (Latvia)