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About Study Course

Credit points / ECTS:2 / 3
Course supervisor:Eva Cela
Study type:Full time
Course level:Bachelor
Target audience:Nursing Science
Language:English, Latvian
Branch of science:Medicine; Health Care


To gain an understanding of the causal links leading to an adverse outcome in the treatment of both patients and staff, the methods to be used to identify risks and contributing factors and to increase patient and staff safety based on system and human factor or ergonomic principles. Introduce new initiatives, recommendations and examples of good practice in Europe.


The concept and concept of health, microbiology with virosology and parasitology, general care, infection control in care, public health and epidemiology, clinical care.

Learning outcomes


Students will be able to explain the causal links that lead to an undesirable outcome for patient and staff safety. Will be able to define the importance of work environment and risk factors for health care workers. Students will be able to explain various biosecurity criteria for healthcare patients (patient safety culture, safety standardization, safety development in research, safety communication and ethical and social aspects of safety).


Independently evaluate and explain the preventive role of environmental health as an environmental science and medicine in maintaining the health of patients and staff. Will be able to apply and assess patient safety and work environment risks, adverse events, as well as use analytical methods to reduce risks and factors influencing them.


Analyze and develop recommendations, measures to prevent and reduce environmental factors. Evaluate and argue patient safety criteria, leading to learning from potential or actual mistakes.

Study course planning

Planning period:Year 2021, Spring semester
Study programmeStudy semesterProgram levelStudy course categoryLecturersSchedule
Nursing Studies, MZF6Bachelor’sRequiredEva Cela, Kristaps Circenis
Nursing, ĀSNMZF6Bachelor’sRequiredEva Cela, Kristaps Circenis
Planning period:Year 2021, Autumn semester
Study programmeStudy semesterProgram levelStudy course categoryLecturersSchedule
Nursing Studies, MZF3Bachelor’sRequired
Nursing Studies, MZF5Bachelor’sRequired
Nursing, ĀSNMZF5Bachelor’sRequired
Midwifery, MZFVb7Bachelor’sRequired