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Specification of analysisNumber of samplesTotal price in
EUR, excl. VAT
Tissue fixation, dehydration and embedding in epoxy resin1 sample141.31
5 samples491.05
7 samples693.27
10 samples969.25
Preparation of semithin and thin sections for transmission electron microscopy analysis1 sample28.87
5 samples144.29
7 samples202.01
10 samples288.60
Preparation of samples for scanning electron microscopy analysis1 sample93.77
5 samples299.87
7 samples438.24
10 samples599.70
Transmission electron microscopy analysis1 sample289.45
5 samples516.25
7 samples632.51
10 samples804.02
Preparation and analysis of samples using transmission electron microscopy (complex of services)1 sample459.63
5 samples1151.59
7 samples1527.78
10 samples2061.87