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Sveriges Läkarförbund Student Riga (SLFSR) is the Swedish Medical Student Association in Riga, and a branch of Sveriges Läkarförbund, the Swedish Medical Association (SLF).


SLFSR is an independent student organisation, free-standing from any local authorities. We consist of a board of seven board members who each voluntarily dedicate their time to help organise the events we put on throughout the year. 

Our primary aims

Our goal is to reach out to every single Swedish medical student abroad to establish a network and create a connection between students, local authorities, the regional national authorities, employers and the university. We want to achieve the goal of every Swedish student feeling welcome and able to be a part of SLF. A membership in SLF for a Swedish medical student studying abroad provides them with a lot of useful information, special prices at events, security, support and insurance throughout their studies, and beyond. 

What we do

At the beginning of each semester, freshers are always welcomed by a Welcome Meeting and Welcome Party.  

In recent years, we have also hosted two brilliant guest-lectures covering plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery with the Head Surgeon of the clinic Victoriakliniken in Stockholm, Dr. Charles Randquist, and with “Rebel Surgeon” Erik Erichsen respectively. In addition to being able to participate in a highly interesting lecture, participants were treated to free kanelbullar, traditional Swedish cinnamon buns! 

We also arrange events like beach-volley tournaments, football tournaments and other sports events, pub crawls and karaoke nights at bars in the beautiful Old Town of Riga, mingle and friending evenings with dinners, masquerades, Christmas events, tours of Riga, and a LOT more besides. 


SLFSR was founded in 2017 by the re-organisation and renaming of the previous Swedish society Svenska Studenter i Riga (SSiR). The board consists of seven seats, which are as follows:

President: Emma Walfridsson  

Vice-President: Nancy Starkengren 

Treasurer: Dana  Shamsi 

Event  Manager: Alexandra Zdolsek  

Recruitment Officer: Karin Axen Kruger 

Social Media Manager: Elsa Widen 

Administrator: Cajsa Harrison 

Contact us

Facebook: SLF Student Utland - Riga 

Instagram: @slfstudentriga

E-mail: rigaatslfsutland[pnkts]se