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Work experience

2018 - Present

Head of Riga Stradiņš University Publishing Council

Riga Stradiņš University

2013 - Present

Vice Rector for Studies, Riga Stradiņš University

2013 - Present

Leading researcher

Latvian University, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art

2015 - Present

Senate member of Riga Stradiņš University

2012 - Present

Senate member of the Latvian Academy of Science

2012 - Present

Expert of Team Europe Latvia, European Commission Representation in Latvia

2008 - Present

Editorial board member of “Prospectus”, quarterly review of comparative education, Springer, ISSN: 0033-15382000 – 2008: Member of Education Commission, UNESCO Latvian National Commission

2005 - Present

Member of the Promotion Council for Pedagogy, University of Latvia

2002 - Present

Member of the editorial board of scientific articles of Liepaja University

2011 - 2014

Board member of the Foundation Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

2000 - 2008

Member of Vidzeme University College Council of Advisers

1983 - 2013

Professor, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Arts, University of Latvia; earlier - Senior Lecturer, Docent, Associate Professor, Director of the Institute of Education and Psychology, University of Latvia

2002 - 2013

Director of the Doctoral Program in Pedagogy, University of Latvia

2007 - 2010

Head of the Awards Council of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia

2007 - 2010

Minister for Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia

2005 - 2009

Member of the Council of UNESCO International Bureau of Education, Geneva, Switzerland

2000 - 2008

Member of Vidzeme University College Council of Advisers

2006 - 2008

Member of the Board of the European Association for Adult Education, Brussels, Belgium

2006 - 2007

Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia

2004 - 2006

Executive Director, Advisory Council “Education for All”, UNESCO Latvian National Commission

2002 - 2003

Deputy Director, Secretariat of the Minister for Special Assignments for State Reforms

1999 - 1999

Adviser to the Minister for Education and Science in Matters of Higher Education and Science

1997 - 1999

Minister for Higher Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia

1996 - 1997

Researcher of International Group of Scientists, Institute of Experimental Pedagogy, University of Liege, Belgium

Education and training

1995 - 2004

Institute of Education, University of London

1994 - 1996

University of Latvia, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Dr. paed.

1991 - 1991

Institute of International Education, Stockholm University

1983 - 1986

PhD in Pedagogy, University of Latvia, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Candidate of Science

1973 - 1978

University of Latvia, Faculty of Foreign Languages, English Language and Literature


Scientific activity


2014 Professor of the Riga Stradiņš University

2002 Professor of the University of Latvia, LU–PR No 0181

2000 Corresponding Member of Latvian Academy of Sciences, No K-222

1999 Habilitated Associated Professor in Pedagogical Sciences, C-Dh No 000217

1997 Associate Professor, Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, LU-DOC No 0319

1993 Doctor in Pedagogical Sciences, Doctor Degree of the Republic of Latvia in Pedagogical Sciences nostrificated in 1993 according to the Decision No 58 of Habilitation and Doctorate Council of the University of Latvia

1986 Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences


Membership as an expert


Higher Education Study Process, Adult Learning, Lifelong Learning, Entrepreneurship, Higher Education Quality Management and Evaluation, Knowledge Society


  • 17.-23.02.2019, 19.05- Expert in Twinning Project No. ENI/2018/395-401(Grant No. AZ/14/ENI/OT/01/17 (AZ/49) “Support to Strenghtening the Higher Education System in Azerbaijan"
  • 2014 – 2015 State Research program Project Nr. 5.2.7. ECOSOC.LV Society Involvement in Social Innovation for Sustainable Development of Latvia, researcher
  • 2012- 2014 ERASMUS IP project „Learning for entrepreneurship in health, behavioral , engineering &life sciences"
  • 2011- 2014 EU Social Fund project „Support for Educational research" Nr. 2011/0011/1DP/ within ASEM LLL HUB „ Development of Teachers Professional Competence for Working in Interdisciplinary environment to link learning Closer to Life and Develop Students' Entrepreneurship"" 2008-present Asian – European Education and Research HUB of Lifelong learning (ASEM LLL HUB)
  • 2011 - EC financed PO 226_2010 project „"Raising of Teaching Staff and School Competitiveness in accordance with EU 2020 Strategy"
  • 2011 - EC financed PO 214_2010 project „Development of Interdisciplinary Research Platform at the University"
  • ESF project no. 2008/0003/1DP/ "Support for the official language and bilingual education" E-course development


Doctoral thesis supervision


1999 - 2019 18 doctoral thesis have been supervised and defended (B. Garjāne, R.Vīra, Z. Ozola, G. Lapiņa, M. Essawi, E. Shelah, A.Hussein, A. Fernāte, Dz. Grundmane, A. Tatarinceva, R. Birziņa, I. Norvele, K. Oganisjana,D. Liepa, S. Baranova, I. Muraškovska, L.Babajeva, A. Jurāne Brēmane)


Currenntly 1 thesis is supervised:

E. Graudiņa "Social Science Policy in Latvia as a Factor for the Development of Civil Society"


Guest lectures at foreign universities


06.2013. ERASMUS IP International (Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland) Doctoral Summer School "Virtual Mobility and Learning", Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania.

09.2012. University of Iceland "Opportunities in various Educational settings".

09.2008. Columbia University, New York, USA, Lehigh University, Bethlehem (PA), USA.





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  • Babajeva, L., Koķe, T. (2013). Learning for Personal Development in Folk High Schools, Problems of Education in the 21st Century, Vol.55, 28-44, Šiauliai: Scientia Educologica. ISSN 1822-7864…
  • Koķe T., Muraškovska I., Jonina R. (2013). Educator's Professional Development: From Policy Guidelines to Collaborative Learning in Action. The Perspectives of the Pedagogy: Innovative Solutions. Riga LU Academic Publishers 204.- 215. p.
  • K. Oganisjana, T. Koke,A. Fernate, S. Rahman, L. Rutka (2014). The Development of Entrepreneurship in Interdisciplinary Study Environment: First Achievements, Hindrances and Perspectives the International Journal of Business and Society (IJBS) Vol. 15, No 3 14. p.
  • Rahman S., Yasin R.M., BuangN., Oganisjana K., Fernate A., Koke T. (2014). Using problem - Focused Approach to Nurture Creativity and Entrepreneurship among Sudents. // Procedia. Social and Behavioral Sciences. Available:
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  • Surikova S., Koķe T., Oganisjana K. Sociālās inovācijas nozīme sabiedrības ilgtspējīgā attīstībā.//Scientific monograph Sociālā inovācija: izaicinājumi un risinājumi Latvijā, RTU publishers, Riga, 2019, 28.-33. p., ISBN978-9934-22-228-3
  • Koka, R., Jansone-Ratinika, N., Koķe, T., Sīlis, M., Strods, R. (2019). Mapping as a Tool for Biomaterials Study Content Harmonization With Significant Research Findings. In L. Daniela (Eds.), Proceedings of ATEE Spring conference: Innovations, Technologies and Research in Education. Retrieved from:… 


Papers at scientific conferences


“Reflection on research integration in study process: case of psychology branch in Rīga Stradiņš University ”Scientific Conference, Knowledge for use in practice, 01. - 03.04.2019.

Advantages and barriers of age in the academic environment. Conference “Medicīniski akadēmiska pieeja skaistumam un možumam gadu garumā”, Riga, Rīga Stradiņš University 02.11.2019.

Key-note “Students as Researchers: a Case Study on Possibilities for Curriculum Transformations at RSU”, International Conference “Society. Health. Welfare. 2018” , Riga October 10-12th, 2018.

70th Conference of the University of Latvia in Plenary Session Pedagogy "Career of University Teachers: Individual Uninstitutional Synergy" and presentation "Development of Internal Quality Culture in Higher Education Institution: Program and Institutional Level 02.02.2012 and organization and management of pedagogy section 16.02.2012.

Participation in the conference „Education: Policy support for Teacher Educators" with a presentation on the interim results of the project "Improving Teachers' Professional Competences for Working in an Interdisciplinary Learning Environment to Bring Learning to a Real Life and Increase Pupil Entrepreneurship", Brussels, Belgium 26-28.03.2012.

Speech at the plenary session of the international doctoral and researchers seminar at the University of Leipzig „Work place Learning as an Integral Partof Teachers' and Teacher Educators'Professional Growth", 04.05.2012.

Participation with the report “Lifelong Learning a Space for Being Different” at the conference “The Role of Universities in Promoting Lifelong Learning” organized by UNESCO UIL and the University of Hamburg 23.-26.05.2012.

Participation in ASEMLLL FORUM 'LEARNING UNLIMITED' with a presentation and poster presentation 'Developing Teachers' Competence through a Work-Based Interdisciplinary Learning Environment', Aarhus University, Copenhagen, Denmark, 29-31.05.2012

Paper with K. Oganisjana “The Development of Entrepreneurship as a Core Competence in Interdisciplinary Study Environment",Aarhus University, Copenhagen, Denmark, 29.05.2012.

Paper "Lifelong Learning: Paramount Issues for Individuals and Organizations" ASEM Network seminar at Kebangsan University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 25.06.2013.

Paper “Teachers' Further Education – a Framework to keep going. Results of the Project" ASEM 5th Research Network Seminar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 26.06.2013.

Paper „Position of Power: Contribution to Awakening. Paid Price and Positive Deeds" International Standing Conference for History of Education 35th plenary session conference „Education and Power" Riga, 24.08.2013.

Paper „Sociāliatbildīga universitāte: vai esam tam gatavi?" diversity of Latvian higher education institutions as a factor of innovation. Liepaja University Scientific Conference 25.04.2014.

Paper „Pedagogu profesionālo kompetenču pilnveide darbam starpdisciplinārā mācību vidē, lai tuvinātu mācības reālajai dzīvei un paaugstinātu skolēnu uzņēmību". Conference "Starpdisciplinaritāte,radošums un uzņēmība - mūsdienu izglītības aktualitātes", University of Latvia, Riga, 29.10.2014.

Paper „RSU starptautiskais zīmols – ārvalstu studentu skatījums" (co-authors N. Jansone-Ratinika, D. Akmens, I. Šķendere-Drēģere,J. Stare). Riga Stradiņš University 2015 scientific conference, Riga, 26.-27.03.2015.


Papers in academic conferences


Participation in the EUA conference “Bologna Process beyond 2020: Fundamental Values of the EHEA” Report “Students' Voice for Contributing to Transformations in Higher Education” Bologna, Italy 24-25.06.2019.

Participation in Riga Technical University conference  “Changes in Sustainable Higher Education”, Riga, 26.03.2019.

Paper “Studiju procesa attīstība: idejas un risinājumi” Student Council Autumn Academic Seminar, Skulte, Aizvēji, 06.10.2018.

Baltdefcol participation in the roundtable discussion “Power over or with power”, Tartu, 22.03.2019.

Conference of the Academic Information Center "Impact of National Qualifications Frameworks on Education Development". Report “Nacionālā kvalifikāciju ietvarstruktūra: no vadlīnijām izglītībai līdz īstenošanai darba tirgū”. Riga, 30.04.2019. 

Professional development of university lecturers: experience and challenges. EKA, Riga, 30.03.2012.

Continuing Education of Teachers: Contemporary Context. Conference Developing Teachers' Professional Competence: Needs and Opportunities. Riga, 18.06.2012.

„Learning to Learn: Individual and Organizational Perspective" Nord plus Horizontal project “Vision of Effective Future School", Riga, 20.08.2012.

“Adult learning principles guiding training organisers", Invited speaker at TT – 2nd Seminar Training needs, process and results. European Judicial Training Network.Riga, 24.09.2012.

School on a melting iceberg: a threat or an opportunity? Seminar of Deputy Directors of Riga Educational Institutions. 24.08.2012.

Lifelong learning for an institution directors: an obligation or a challenge? RPIVA academic conference „Profesionāli sagatavots vadītājs mūsdienīgā izglītības iestādē" 22.02.2013.

Lifelong learning - challenges for the education system. VIAA Grundtvig Thematic Monitoring seminar. 28.05.2013.

Interdisciplinary – the Platform for linking learning closer to Life. Interdisciplinary approach in teaching and learning to promote learners creativity and entrepreneurship skills" Riga, Latvia, 10.-13.09.2014.

Paper in plenary session „Internacionalizācijas pētījums Rīgas Stradiņa Universitātē". Riga Stradiņš University Symposium „Higher Education in Latvia: International Perspectives", Riga, 13.05.2015.




The Order of the Three Stars, Class III, Chapter of Orders October 10, 2013.

RSU Students' Council Annual award Gold Horseshoe 2015.

Cabinet of Ministers, Republic of Latvia, Acknowledgement, 2015.



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