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Work experience



2013 - Present

Vice Rector for Studies, Riga Stradiņš University

1983 - 2013

Professor, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Arts, University of Latvia; earlier - Senior Lecturer, Docent, Associate Professor, Director of the Institute of Education and Psychology, University of Latvia

1996 - 1997

Researcher of International Group of Scientists, Institute of Experimental Pedagogy, University of Liege, Belgium



2007 - 2010

Minister for Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia 2006 – 2007: Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia

2004 - 2006

Executive Director, Advisory Council “Education for All”, UNESCO Latvian National Commission

2002 - 2003

Deputy Director, Secretariat of the Minister for Special Assignments for State Reforms


Adviser to the Minister for Education and Science in Matters of Higher Education and Science


Minister for Higher Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia


Work in Councils, Commissions

2015 - Present

Riga Stradiņš University, Senate member

2012 - 2013

Commission on Recognition of Prior Learning, University of Latvia

2012 - Present

Council member of the Division of Social Science and Humanities, Latvian Academy of Science

2012 - Present

Senate member of the Latvian Academy of Science

2012 - Present

Council member of Red Cross Latvia

2012 - Present

Team Europe Latvia, Representation of EC Latvia, ekspert

2011 - 2014

Board member of the Foundation Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

2010 - 2013

Head of professors’ council in pedagogy

2008 - Present

Editorial board member of “Prospectus”, quarterly review of comparative education, Springer, ISSN: 0033-15382000 – 2008: Member of Education Commission, UNESCO Latvian National Commission

1998 - 1999

President of Education Commission, “Soros Fund Latvia”


International Experience as Guest Professor


ERASMUS IP International ( Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland) Doctoral Summer School „Virtual Mobility and Learning” , Kauņa Vitautas Magnus University, Lithuania


Kebangsaan University, Malaysia


Mobility Iceland University, Iceland


University of Sussex, UK


The University of British Columbia, Canada


Columbia University, New York and Lehigh Universitāte, Pensilvania, USA


Freibourg University, Switzerland within SWISS-BALT NET cooperation


study program „Adult learning in postmodern society. European area of life-long learning. Doctoral studies in Baltic countries and Europe” for researchers summer school in Central and Eastern Europe, Armenia


Scientific degrees and titles:


Professor of the Riga Stradiņš University


Professor of the University of Latvia, LU–PR No 0181


Corresponding Member of Latvian Academy of Sciences, No K-222


Habilitated Associated Professor in Pedagogical Sciences, C-Dh No 000217


Associate Professor, Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, LU-DOC No 0319


Doctor in Pedagogical Sciences, Doctor Degree of the Republic of Latvia in Pedagogical Sciences nostrificated in 1993 according to the Decision No 58 of Habilitation and Doctorate Council of the University of Latvia


Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences




The Order of the Three Stars, Class III, Chapter of Orders October 10, 2013.

RSU Students' Council Annual award Gold Horseshoe 2015.

Cabinet of Ministers, Republic of Latvia, Acknowledgement, 2015.

Education and training


Institute of Education, University of London

1994 - 1996

University of Latvia, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Dr. paed.


Institute of International Education, Stockholm University

1983 - 1986

University of Latvia, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Candidate of Science

1973 - 1978

University of Latvia, Faculty of Foreign Languages, English Language and Literature




  • 2014 – present State Research program Project Nr. 5.2.7. ECOSOC.LV Society Involvement in Social Innovation for Sustainable Development of Latvia, researcher
  • 2011- present ERASMUS IP project „Learning for entrepreneurship in health, behavioral , engineering &life sciences"
  • 2011- present EU Social Fund project „Support for Educational research" Nr. 2011/0011/1DP/ within ASEM LLL HUB „ Development of Teachers Professional Competence for Working in Interdisciplinary environment to link learning Closer to Life and Develop Students' Entrepreneurship"" 2008-present Asian – European Education and Research HUB of Lifelong learning (ASEM LLL HUB)
  • 2011 - EC financed PO 214_2010 project „Development of Interdisciplinary Research Platform at the University"
  • 2011 - EC financed PO 226_2010 project „"Raising of Teaching Staff and School Competitiveness in accordance with EU 2020 Strategy"


Doctoral thesis supervision


1999 - 2014 17 doctoral thesis have been supervisedand defended (B. Garjāne, R.Vīra, Z. Ozola, G. Lapiņa, M. Essawi, E. Shelah, A.Hussein, A. Fernāte, Dz. Grundmane, A. Tatarinceva, R. Birziņa, I. Norvele, K. Oganisjana,D. Liepa, S. Baranova, I. Muraškovska, L.Babajeva)

Currenntly 4 thesis are supervised:

R. Ioņina „InventiveThinking Dimension in the Process of Professional Development” in cooperationwith Universite de Strasbourg, InstitutNational des Sciences Appliquees (INSA)profesoru AUDRAN Jacques

I. Lasmane Participation in InternationalProjects: Impact on School Environment” L. Senkāne „Developmentof Pre school Teachers’ Entrepreneurship”

A. Jurāne Brēmane Research on Formative Evaluation of Study Results”




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Organization and Participation in International Conferences:


During last three years as the key-note speakerhas been invited in 10, organised 9 international conferences and hasparticipated in 32

  • Key note speech „Acquisitionof Life Skills – a Challenge for School Curriculum" 9th InternationalConference of „International Step by Step Association" „Active Citizenship:Democratic Practices in Education. From Socially Responsive Classrooms toSocially Responsible Societies". Budapest, Hungary, 2008.10.10.
  • Key note speech „Inclusive Education –Standardization vs.Individualization" 48thsession of UNESCO International Education Conference „Inclusive Education: the Way of the Future" elected vice prezident ofthe conference, Geneva, Switzerkland, 2008..25.-26.11.
  • Key note speech at UNESCO WorldConference on Education for Sustainable Development, Bonn, Germany, 2009.31.03. – 01.04.
  • Key note at the 2nd ASEM Ministerial Meeting on Education, „Sharingexperience and best practice on higher education", Hanoy, Vietnam, 2009. 12.-15.05.
  • Key note speech „Shaping UNESCO for the next decadeas an effective multilateral actor, including in pursuit of international goalsand UN reform" 35th Session of UNESCO'sGeneral Conference, Paris, France, 2009.10.
  • Key note speech “EntrepreneurshipEducation and 21st Century skill development in Europe" World Economis ForumEuropa 2010, Brussels, Belgium, 2010.05.
  • Key notespeech “Lifelong Learning a Space for being Different" at UNESCO UIL and Hambourg University organised conference “ The Role ofUniversities in Promoting Lifelong Learning" 2012. 23.-26.05.
  • Key note speech "Lifelong Learning: Paramount Issues forIndividuals and Organizations" ASEM LLLHUB Research Network 5 workshop Kebangsan University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaisia, 2013.25.06.
  • Key note „Positionof Power: Contribution to Awakening. Paid Price and Positive Deeds" InternationalStanding Conference for History of Education 35th conference „Education and Power" , Riga,2013. 24.08.