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Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) highly appreciates each of its supporters and believes that every contribution is important for the development of education and science. A benefactors’ contribution helps RSU to strive for excellence and enables the university to continue to be a special place where the boundaries of human capabilities expand and personalities are formed.

The support of education and philanthropy date back to the ancient past. The students’ anthem Gaudeamus igitur contains the words Vivat Maecenatum caritas * to praise benefactors’ contribution. Following the academic traditions and having expressed respect, RSU has established a set of events Vivat Maecenatum caritas to honour its supporters, which consists of the following:

  • regulation Vivat Maecenatum caritas – the management of RSU supporters’ acknowledgement and relations is the decisive document regulating supporters’ rights, guidelines for accepting the support, supporters’ capabilities and guidelines for supporters’ acknowledgement;
  • Acknowledgement walls for RSU supporters in the lobby of the RSU central building (16 Dzirciema Street) indicating the greatest RSU supporters;
  • Virtual walls to honour RSU supporters is the place where all supporters are published to express gratitude and honour the contributors.

Supporting RSU

  • Individuals, organisations, commercial companies or other institutions – by making donations
  • Placing movable property and real estate under RSU management
  • RSU (formerly – RMI, AML) alumni – by paying member’s contributions to the RSU Alumni Association

Donations or members’ contributions can be transferred to the RSU Alumni Association bank account.