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RSU China Studies Centre was established in 2005 with the aim of fostering qualitative and accessible academic exchange, to offer certified Chinese language courses and facilitate cooperation between RSU and partner organisations in China.

Development of the Centre has provided the opportunity to take up new challenges and to get involved in large-scale projects. Currently the China Study Centre is a multi-functional centre of expertise on China, its activities blend with the RSU development vision and can be sub-divided in three main directions: education, research and internationalisation.

Main areas of activity


  • Chinese language courses - accessible to the public and integrated into RSU academic life

  • Implementation of China, intercultural communication and integration-related projects in cooperation with state institutions and NGOs;

  • Academic and cultural exchange with China’s universities


  • Centre of political expertise: China studies, Baltic States and China, EU – China, One Belt One Road Initiative
  • Centre of language expertise: Chinese language consultations, business and conference interpreting, sinicisation, literary translation
  • Centre of cultural expertise: the history and culture of China and aspects of Chinese social anthropology
  • Publications in international databases (Springer)
  • publications and opinion pieces in influential blogs (Foreign Policy Research Institute,,
  • participation and co-organising of international conferences
  • cooperation with research institutions in Latvia and abroad
  • contribution to the development of guest research


  • invitation of guest lecturers and presentation of lectures abroad 
  • engagement and integration of foreign nationals  
  • EU, China and global networking  
  • Building relationships with partners from China – universities, associations, state institutions and NGOs 
  • contributing to RSU international recognition and prestige

Chinese language courses (various levels)

Target group:All people who are interested
Head of Programme:Dr. Sc. Pol. Una Aleksandra Bērziņa-Čerenkova, Head of RSU China Studies Centre
Duration:20 lessons (20 x 60 min or 27 class lessons)

To be announced once group has been finalised.
Twice a week, weekday evenings.

Cost:170,00 EUR

Rīga Stradiņš University China Studies Centre offers Chinese language courses for beginners and those with prior knowledge, depending on language level. 

One course level comprises 20 lessons. Each lesson is 60 minutes. 

Those who have completed all tasks and have successfully passed the end of year exam will receive a certificate. 

Students are provided with an electronic version of course materials - free of charge. 

Number of students is limited (5-10 students in a group).

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